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Microsoft’s profits increased by 33% – Thanks to the cloud, personal computers and Xbox

Microsoft baseread

In the next quarter, Microsoft released another prosperous financial report. But it is worth noting in the second quarter of 2021 that it is not only the cloud that is driving the company’s development this time.

The company reported revenue of $43.1 billion, an increase of 17% over last year. This is $2.9 billion more than analysts expected. Even more impressive is that its profits soared by 33% to $15.5 billion. In the last quarter, we were surprised that Microsoft achieved 30% profit growth.

Although Microsoft’s cloud business shows no signs of slowing down. Compared with last year, revenue increased by 23%, but overall, in the personal computer market, its growth is also strong.

Microsoft baseread

Its more personal computing businesses (including Windows, Surface, and Xbox) grew by 14% over last year to reach 15.1 billion US dollars. Analysts expect the division to make a profit of USD 13.55 billion.

Not surprisingly, the company also witnessed a 40% increase in Xbox content and services, and an 86% increase in Xbox hardware sales, all thanks to the release of its next-generation console.

Like Intel, Microsoft clearly benefits from the need for more PCs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although sales of Windows operating systems have not grown much, only 1% over last year, Windows commercial products and cloud services have increased by 10%.

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