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Microsoft Windows 10 Update Experience is still a mess

Windows 10 Update Experience

Microsoft Windows 10 update is still an embarrassing problem for Microsoft, almost every major update or feature update will have this or that problem. The “disorder” of Windows updates started with the October 2018 update, which introduced a bug that deleted users’ documents, pictures, and other files.

After the October update crashed, Microsoft took a very cautious approach in May 2019 to avoid repeating the catastrophic mistakes it made in the update file. Microsoft has issued a cumulative update to fix some long-standing minor bugs, but the update introduces a new problem: high CPU usage.

Windows 10 Update Experience

Microsoft has released another cumulative update to fix Cortana, but this update broke the Windows Start menu and Taskbar. Some users reported that their Internet connection was interrupted after the update. The program also caused audio issues. Fortunately, these issues have been documented and resolved by Microsoft.

In addition to the major version update, Microsoft also pushed the November 2019 update, which is a minor version update with only a few changes, but users still complain that the update caused the file manager to crash, and Microsoft has not confirmed on its official website this problem.

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                  At the same time, Microsoft also encountered trouble in the first cumulative update in 2020: User feedback said that it failed to install and reported an error when installing January 10, 2020, critical update for Windows 10.

Why is the Windows 10 update is a mess?

Microsoft has changed its Windows Update test procedures, which may be one of the reasons for frequent problems with Microsoft system upgrades.

As a former senior software engineer at Microsoft said, Microsoft has a full team to test Windows updates. The test team has a different driver or interface subgroup, and all members discuss system failures in daily meetings.

At the same time, Microsoft engineers will use automated testing and manually test Windows updates on real machines, not virtual machines. In 2014, Microsoft fired the Windows testing team, which also caused Microsoft to stop the actual testing of system updates.

In addition to virtual machines, Microsoft also relies on Windows Insiders, a group of testers composed of enthusiasts and fans. Windows users can register for the Insider program to test more new features.

Windows Update 10 2020

Most of their feedback is feature requests, and some testers have reported errors in the new system update, but the latter is a smaller number.

Microsoft has been making changes to Windows upgrades to improve the quality of Windows 10 updates. Last year, Microsoft stopped forcing Windows Update and no longer automatically installs feature updates when users check for updates.

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            Microsoft officials say they are working on a new feature that will automatically remove updates that are not compatible with the version of the operating system that is installed.

If the automatically downloaded Windows 10 update is not compatible with the device you are using, Microsoft says that the system will soon remove the “problematic update” without the need for manual action by the user.

Microsoft has added an “Optional Update” option to Windows Update to help users easily manage their drivers and their updates. In 2019, Windows 10 driver updates also caused numerous problems, and Microsoft prevented users from installing related update files due to compatibility issues.

However, vendors can now prevent Microsoft from installing Windows 10 feature updates on devices with driver compatibility issues. This change will significantly improve the Windows Update experience.

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