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Microsoft will stop support for the old non-Chromium Edge

The Edge Microsoft

Support for the Microsoft Edge browser will end today-not a new Chromium-based browser, but the original Edge built as a replacement for Internet Explorer 11. Microsoft now refers to it as Legacy Edge, and the company announced that it will stop offering the product.

In August. The day has finally arrived: Legacy Edge will no longer receive security updates, and anyone still using it should begin the process of switching to other apps.

Legacy Edge was originally codenamed “Spartan” and was provided as the default web browser of the operating system in Windows 10, and then officially named Edge. Microsoft’s Chromium-based browser has taken the limelight of Edge.

The Edge Microsoft
The Edge Microsoft

The browser was in Beta testing throughout 2019 and officially launched in January 2020. This means that Edge (the old Edge) has survived with its replacement for just over a year.

Microsoft also said that Legacy Edge will be automatically removed in the April Windows 10 update and will be replaced with a new Edge.

If you are a technical support person for your family, it is worth checking with your relatives to make sure that Microsoft successfully bullied them and switched to the new Edge. If it is not installed on their computer in some way, you can download it directly from the Microsoft website.

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