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Microsoft will launch Cloud PC services this summer

Cloud PC services

On the news that Microsoft seems to be opening a new store for Windows 10, there are also reports on its rumored Cloud PC service. According to ZDNet, Microsoft is preparing to switch to Azure-based services this summer (maybe in June or early July).

With Cloud PC, you can remotely access the Windows desktop and use software such as Microsoft Office. It might come in handy if you frequently switch between devices and want to access the same desktop from anywhere, or if the system has insufficient power and a strong internet connection. Companies can also use basic hardware to set up employees and use Cloud PC to manage their Windows 10 network.

Cloud PC services
Cloud PC services

According to reports, Microsoft will sell the service in the form of a hosted Microsoft 365 experience with a fixed price per user.

The previous report suggested that depending on the processor, memory, and storage requirements, Cloud PC’s pricing levels will be different.

See Build 2021 for more information on the Cloud PC service. This year’s Microsoft Developer Conference will take place at the end of May.

If the reported release schedule for CloudPC is accurate, the service will be available shortly before the Microsoft Inspire Partner Conference scheduled for mid-July.

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