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Microsoft: The timeline remains in Windows 10, but there is no free sync

Windows 10 Update

Since then, Microsoft has updated the post to clarify that the timeline and related activity history will still be part of Windows 10, however, if you are using a Microsoft account, you can only use it locally on that computer.

The reason behind the change is not yet clear, but as Thurrott pointed out after Microsoft killed its launcher on the platform at the end of last year, it also lost Android synchronization, so the possibility of destruction remains high.

Thurrott.com pointed out a post about the new Beta version of Windows 10 on the Windows blog today, and one of the points listed in it has a strange feature that has been removed.

If you have your activity history synced across your devices through your Microsoft account (MSA), you will no longer have the option to upload new activity in Timeline. AAD-connected accounts won’t be impacted. To view web history, Edge and other browsers have the option to look back at recent web activities. You can also view recently used files using OneDrive and Office. Note: Timeline and all your local activity history still remain on Windows 10.

Windows 10 Update

If you are not in the Insider beta program, the Microsoft support page mentions that cross-device synchronization will disappear in June, so anyone who uses it will need months of preparation time.

The timeline is the “star” of Microsoft’s fall 2018 update for Windows 10 (after the delay in withdrawing it from the early Creators Update), although it will still remember everything you did, it will no longer This information is saved in the cloud.

Microsoft said in a blog post that we have added an option under the “Power” menu of the “Start” menu to restart the application after logging in after restarting the device. After selecting this setting, it will switch the options under “Settings”> “Accounts”> “Login Options”> “Restart the apps we introduced in 20H1”.


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