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Microsoft Teams will soon allow you to open offline files

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has a new feature that allows you to view offline files. This feature appears on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, and the status indicates that the new feature may be in place as soon as June 2021. As with the Microsoft 365 roadmap, dates may change.

“Even without an Internet connection, users can now access previously opened files,” read the Microsoft 365 roadmap. The entry does not provide more depth, but it does list it as a mobile device under development. It specifically mentions Microsoft Teams for Android, although Microsoft may also introduce it to iOS at some point.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to easily collaborate with people sharing files, including Office documents. Being able to view files offline makes it easier for you to view valuable information on the go, even if you don’t have an Internet connection.

If you are more interested in the features that have been officially announced and already available, Microsoft announced several new features of Microsoft Teams on Build 2021. The new options are for developers but will help create a more collaborative experience.

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