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Microsoft Teams now lets you share apps with external users

The new Microsoft Teams meeting feature lets you interact with people outside your organization.

There is a new feature in Microsoft Teams that enables your meetings with people from outside your organization to use apps. A feature such as this can be used to enhance meetings and enhance interaction between participants. 

According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap (via OnMSFT), Microsoft 365 now supports apps in meetings with external users.

According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, the following is the short and sweet description: Our meeting chats with external users (users from other domains) will now support apps added by native users (hosts).

Nearly 1,000 applications are available for Team to integrate additional services and features. Apps like calendaring apps, polling apps, and Microsoft Forms are all useful in meetings as well.

Meeting hosts can share apps that can be used by attendees outside their organization, install, delete, or update them within that meeting. Apps can be accessed by external users, however, they cannot be managed from within the meeting.

Microsoft Team

How external access can be managed in Teams meetings is defined on a support page from Microsoft.

The company appears to be getting requests for making communication easier with third parties. It was earlier this month that Microsoft enabled users from outside of an organization to join group chats.

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