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Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review: The best 2 in 1 Tablet PC gets USB-C

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is finally released but you know what? There is not much has changed in design from Microsoft.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review: The best 2 in 1 Tablet PC gets USB-C

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is finally released but you know what? There is not much has changed in design from Microsoft. It’s exactly what you expect from the company and the improvements are incremental and you know what that’s not a bad thing is?

It’s really still the same versatile too and one device that is still the best tablet PC in the market that can actually replace your laptop and design-wise little to nothing has changed since the original design.

I’m conflicted because of the design. It doesn’t feel too dated. I’ve always liked it but the same time, it’s dated because the form factor hasn’t fundamentally changed for years and I’ve always liked the industrial feel of the Surface Pro and its kickstand.

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It’s a little sharp and edgy resting on your lap. If that makes sense but it’s always felt like its own thing different from anything else out there and I think that’s really been a strength of it.

Now you’ll still also have your SD card slot underneath the stand kind of hiding. But if you really want that new design form Microsoft’s point, you towards the Surface Pro X as the next evolution of this device, right?

That one has a bigger screen than a gadget and it’s just a thinner device. The Surface Pro is really kind of becoming the classic now. Now if you wanted thinner gadgets in the Surface Pro 7, you still won’t get them here.

It’s a 12.3-inch display that still looks great with its 2736X1820 for display resolution. But I think we have a right to complain about them now since they’re still just as thick as our thumb.

Now the big change is finally, a USB-C port that everyone was asking for last year. It’s made it to the Surface Pro 7. It takes the place where the mini display port used to be to connect to larger screens but the USB-C port here is not Thunderbolt 3 compatible so that means it won’t support any external GPU use for pro users.

Surface Pro 7


Now this year’s other incremental upgrades Intel’s 10th generation processors with configurations ranging from a Dual Core i3 and quad-core i5 and i7 processors. But there’s one big change and this one’s not for the better.

The overall battery life for the Surface Pro 7 has dropped by roughly 3 hours battery life. So, we’re going from 13.5-inch on the surface pro 6 to 10.5-inch on the pro 7. That’s a huge deal especially if you’re someone who might be upgrading now Microsoft provided us with a Surface Pro 7 with an Intel i5.

Now, battery life is valuable and you know what you’re gone probably end up plugging it in before then. I always bring my power cables with me when I’m on the go for all my portables but just fundamentally losing 3 hours is something that you should actually consider.

If this is something, you’re looking for an upgrade now. Surface Pro 7 comes in two colors platinum, which is their silver color and black color.

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             Ice Blue is the other new accessory color option this time around the base model for this device comes with 128 GB storage and 4 GB RAM around with an Intel Core i3 that starts at $749. But you know what you can take it up if you want to go all the way to the maximum.

The Surface Pro 7 goes up to 1 TB of storage 16 GB RAM around with an i7 processor for $2,299. Microsoft they still bring its true hybrid operating system (OS) that lets you switch around and navigate with your fingers on the screen or with the trackpad at any time you can go back and forward. It still has hands down the best keyboard attachment for any tablet device and you know what? It’s still a tablet that doesn’t really have the best tablet experience.

We know it’s tablet apps they’re kind of limited compared especially what iPad brings. It’s not even close because all the developers that are going there first but everything you know about the service pro from a usability standpoint is exactly the same on the pro 7.

Now if you’re a gamer you can game on the surface pro. It syncs with your X Box account for game saves achievements but I still received a warning that my integrated graphics card with the Intel Core i5 processor wasn’t ideal to run a game like Gears of War 5 but it still pushed through.

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Now it handles media consumption for the most part just fine. But the actual tablet experience again just isn’t nearly as good with the underpinnings of windows kind of still creeping up on you here and there.

When you’re doing things, like let’s say you want to look at your pictures folder it takes you out until like the actual OS to find pictures. If you want to tweak your display settings. Again, it takes you out back to Windows so you’re dealing with it right in your face. It switches between and it’s just not in its own tablet interface.

The entire time you just get pulled out the tablet experience because of just how Windows is built. So is the service pro 7 for you. That’s the big question it’s kind of taken some time for them to finally get here bringing you USB-C has been kind of the biggest piece of the gadget that has been missing.

And then now all of a sudden you have battery life that takes a huge hit. I think depending on how to use it. That may or may not affect your decision. But again, it’s really a significant hit your ecosystem.

It’s always going to dictate the devices that you purchase. But at the end of the day. The bottom line is the Surface Pro 7 is still the best tablet.

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