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Microsoft stops selling 12-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold

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Microsoft has quietly stopped selling 12-month subscriptions for Xbox Live Gold, hinting that this service is working after announcing the bundling of xCloud to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

  • Microsoft has stopped selling 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, which has led to speculation that the long-term service may be repackaged or phased out to be consistent with the Xbox Series X launched this holiday season.

Although platform owners no longer offer the annual Xbox Live Gold membership option, one-month and three-month subscriptions are still available.

The Microsoft Store for Xbox One now only sells one-month and three-month subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold, which enables online multiplayer gaming and provides free game downloads every month.

It was originally thought that deleting the 12-month subscription was a mistake, but it was confirmed in a statement to True Achievements.

A Microsoft spokesperson said: “At present, Xbox has decided to remove the 12-month Xbox Live Gold SKU from the Microsoft Online Store. Customers can still register online for a one-month or three-month Xbox Live Gold subscription through the Microsoft Store.”

Xbox Live Gold Membership

Is Xbox Live Gold gone forever?

Microsoft did not explain the sudden cancellation of the 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscription, but interestingly, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer announced that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members pay $15 a month and we can access Project xCloud games.

Streaming services are provided free of charge from September. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription also includes unlimited access to the game library, as well as all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold.

As of the third fiscal quarter of March 2020, the number of Game Pass subscribers exceeded 10 million, and the number of active users of Xbox Live was close to 90 million.

The company said on Thursday that it will launch Project xCloud in September and that the game streaming service will be available for free through its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

It also said this week that it will stop producing all-digital game consoles for Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

Xbox Live Gold deleted the 12-month option but retained the three-month and one-month options, which coincided with the release of Xbox Series X, which was set for the holidays.

Microsoft may be refreshing the service for its next console, or it may plan to advance Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as a full subscription.

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