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Microsoft releases Windows 10 build 19536 to Industry insiders


Microsoft released a new version of Windows 10 for Insiders in Fast Ring with some notable new changes and enhancements. This is the first build that has nothing to do with a specific release of Windows 10, which means that it is newer than 20H1, but does not need to provide guarantees for any version of 20H2, 21H1 or later.

This is the changelog:

  • Microsoft still working to make it easier for us to see all optional updates (including drivers, feature updates, and monthly non-security quality updates) in one place. When optional updates are detected, they are listed under Settings> Updates and security> Windows Update> View optional updates.
  • For drivers, we no longer need to browse the device manager to find the specific device you want to update. Windows Update will automatically keep drivers up to date, but if you run into problems, you can use one of the optional drivers.

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  • During the development of 19H1, Microsoft has been working hard to develop an updated version of the Korean IME as part of our continuous efforts to modernize Windows and improve the typing experience. Based on the feedback, Microsoft decided not to provide it with 19H1, but to work first to further improve the experience. With Build 19528, we have re-released the updated IME and made some improvements to make it work better with various applications.
  • Microsoft has not released an ISO for this release, some insiders who choose to reset the PC may see a screen during the installation process asking who will use the device.
  • Whether you want to increase productivity, reduce stress levels, or just make some mental space, Microsoft To-Do can easily plan your day and manage your life. If this is the first time you’ve opened To-Do, you might notice some new UIs that can help ensure that you have the latest version of To-Do installed.
  • Windows RE (Recovery Environment) no longer requires an administrator password to access the recovery tools.
  • Microsoft updated the new File Explorer search experience so that you can delete previous searches by right-clicking an option in the drop-down menu.
  • New update fixed an issue that caused the first character of the query to be deleted when the “Automatically type in the search box” file explorer setting was enabled.
  • Users who previously used HomeGroup will no longer see upgrade notices about their deprecation.
  • Fixed typos in the text under Settings> Search> Search Window.
  • Addressed an issue where, if your device is offline, Narrator will still announce that language features can be downloaded when you navigate to each language option under Language Settings.
  • A new update removes the separate Hotspot 2.0 settings under Wi-Fi. This setting was provided while this feature was still experimental, and enabling this feature is now part of enabling Wi-Fi.
  • Fixed an issue where if you rolled back the version you were using, Windows Update might still list the older version number under Update History.
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