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Microsoft Officially Releases Chromium version of Edge Browser

Chromium Edge browser

Microsoft today officially opened the download of its new Chromium Edge browser on Windows and macOS. One year after Microsoft revealed that the core of the original Microsoft Edge browser was switched to Chromium, from today, Microsoft officially provides users with a stable browser download based on the Chromium kernel.

Microsoft initially targeted Edge to enterprise users of Windows and macOS, but now ordinary consumers can also manually download and install it.

In the coming months, Microsoft plans to have this new version of Edge automatically update to the computer of users using Windows 10, which will completely replace the existing Edge browser.

Microsoft is taking a slow and cautious approach, making it fully available to everyone before the summer arrives, and users can install this new Edge into your PC through Windows Update.

Chromium Edge browser

Microsoft also released a perfusion version of the Chromium Edge browser to OEMs. They hope that OEM computers that have not yet been shipped will be pre-installed with this version of the browser when they go on the market.

Microsoft has also decided to eventually embed Chromium Edge directly into future Windows 10 updates and make him part of Windows 10X, a foldable and dual-screen device system. The ARM 64-bit version of Chromium Edge is currently unavailable, but Microsoft is expected to release a minor version soon.

Although Chromium Edge is now available for download, if you change the kernel, if you are not used to Chrome, you may encounter some getting started problems when you start Chromium Edge for the first time. For example, when you launch Chromium Edge for the first time, you will find that the homepage lacks history synchronization, but things like favorites, settings, address/contact information, and passwords will automatically sync Chrome settings on this computer. Microsoft plans to provide these temporarily missing synchronization features later this year.

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The good news is that the rest of Chromium Edge is very similar to Chrome, and even includes support for Chrome extension apps. What sets Chromium Edge apart is new features such as collections, which allow you to organize images and content from the web and prevent tracking.

You can choose from three different privacy levels to avoid tracking through the web in Chromium Edge, and the default settings will block trackers for sites you have never visited before. This ensures that content and ads are relatively personal, and harmful tracking programs can be blocked by your browser ’s security settings.

There is also a stricter setting that will block most trackers on the web, but this may mean that some parts of the website will not load or work properly. If you’re familiar with Ghostery, currently looking at Microsoft’s Chromium Edge’s built-in protection strategy is similar.

So, is there any reason to allow users to migrate from other browsers to Microsoft’s new Chromium Edge browser? The reason is simple, Microsoft is relying on enterprise users to switch browsers to gain access to features such as Internet Explorer mode, which enables businesses to automatically load legacy IE websites in Chromium Edge.

The new anti-tracking function and support for 4K Netflix with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision will also be the most important differences between Chromium Edge and Google Chrome now.

There is another reason to trust Microsoft’s Chromium Edge, and that is that you want to trust the company that stores your browsing history and privacy in the browser itself.

Google is phasing out third-party cookies and trackers in Chrome to ensure that users ’privacy is not captured by third-party websites, but this process has been going on for two years, and the effect is not significant.

This allows Chromium Edge, Safari, Firefox, and other browser companies to solicit users with more privacy-conscious web protection.

Chromium Edge browser Home Page

Of course, this alone is not enough to get everyone out of Chrome, but just like the Windows operating system, Microsoft has a much better position among enterprise users than most competitors, and Chromium Edge is now solved with a new kernel Because of the compatibility issue, this browser can quickly become the main tool software on the desktop of enterprise users.

Speaking of compatibility, this is the key to the success of a new browser, which is also the main reason why Microsoft chose the Chromium kernel when creating a new version of the Edge browser. Chromium can provide instant Web site compatibility browsing, and also allows Microsoft to bring the compatibility browsing of its Web browser to anywhere else in the system.

And surprisingly, even though Microsoft has publicly announced the end of software service support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2002, Microsoft is still releasing a download of Chromium Edge for Windows 7 operating system today.

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Microsoft did not disclose how long it will provide security support for Chromium Edge on Windows 7, but referring to Google ’s decision to withdraw from Windows 7 at least in mid-2021, Microsoft may match the corresponding point in time.

Chromium Edge will also be available on Windows 8.1 and macOS and is being updated on Android and iOS.

Ultimately, Chromium Edge’s success is due to whether web developers and competitors (such as Google) have fully embraced it. During Beta testing of Chromium Edge, although Chrome and Beta Chrome are available, we were unable to access Google Meet and Google Stadia in Chromium Edge.

Hopefully, this new version of Chromium Edge will prevent Chrome from becoming the new Internet Explorer 6 and restore healthy browser competition in a market dominated by Chrome. For consumers, it’s a good thing for two tech giants to compete to improve the web browsing experience because everyone gets a better browsing environment.

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