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Microsoft Officially Ends Windows 7 Support

Win 7 out of suport

After providing 10 years of support for Windows 7, Microsoft will no longer continue to provide security updates for the most “hard” systems after this version of XP starting today. For ordinary users, this means that bugs in the system will no longer have official solutions, and the risk of being attacked must be borne by themselves.

Unless you are a corporate user who renews for an additional fee, this news is not relevant to you, and the software on your computer can be used safely in 2023.

How do ordinary users ensure the stability and security of their computers? The official answer is naturally to upgrade to a newer system. Seeing this, some people may start to feel distressed about spending.

Win 7 out of suport

After all, the free upgrade plan for Windows 10 ended in December 2017. But in fact, this is just what it looks like. As long as you still have a regular Windows 7 or 8.1 product key in hand, then Microsoft has left a “communicative” solution.

According to Windows Latest, after downloading and running the Media Creation Tool and entering an existing product key, users can get a verified digital key after upgrading Windows 10. A user who claimed to be a Microsoft engineer on Reddit was even more outspoken, and he advertised the free upgrade plan “for marketing purposes”.

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Rather than giving users nothing, Microsoft originally preferred the “accommodative” upgrade solution, because at least users could get a newer system and the corresponding security would be stronger.

So at least so far, Microsoft may not have been bothered by this “vulnerability.” However, Windows Latest also pointed out in the article that successful activation of Windows 10 does not mean that it is licensed. Technically speaking, using Win 7 keys in Windows 10 still violates the license agreement.

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