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Microsoft is Developing a new mid-range price Surface clamshell PC

New Surface Laptop

Microsoft is Developing a new mid-range price Surface clamshell PC

  1. The new medium-sized Surface laptop is under development.
  2. It has a 12.5-inch display and has a smaller footprint.
  3. Pricing will be between $500 and $600.

Microsoft has succeeded with its budget-friendly Surface Go tablet, which starts at $399. Someone told me that Microsoft, code-named Sparti, is developing a lightweight mid-sized clamshell PC designed for students.

According to sources, Sparti’s entry-level model is equipped with a 12.5-inch display, a tenth-generation Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, and 64GB storage space.

It will be provided with Windows 10 in S mode, with prices ranging from $500 to $600. Sparti is positioned as a more affordable Surface laptop, similar to how Microsoft now puts Surface Go and Surface Pro side by side.

New Surface Laptop

Microsoft essentially introduced the “Surface Laptop Go” to the market through Sparti. Compared with the actual Surface Laptop (starting at $999), it has a slightly smaller footprint and a significantly lower starting price.

Sparti will spend less time on the market due to the epidemic, so the new low-cost mid-range Surface device could not be more suitable.

If the information is correct, Sparti will fill the price gap between Surface Go and Surface Pro, which are priced at $399 and $749, respectively. With the price of Sparti at around $500, Microsoft will offer a certain Surface product in all major price ranges.

Sparti will be Microsoft’s response to Google Pixelbook Go, Google Pixelbook Go can well participate in its ongoing Chromebook competition strategy.

Sources who have been concerned about engineering prototypes say that Sparti looks and feels like a typical Surface product, which means that Microsoft has not sacrificed manufacturing quality to reduce prices.

It is also very light and has a smaller display, which means the overall device size is more compact, making it an excellent travel notebook.

As per the report Sparti will be released together with other Surface products and accessories, some of the code names of these products and accessories have been leaked within the time frame of October. At present, what are your thoughts on the “Surface Laptop Go” that Microsoft may launch?

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