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Microsoft is bringing to Defender antivirus software for iOS and Android

Defender anti-virus software

Microsoft announced that it will bring its Defender anti-virus software Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to these two mobile platforms for iOS and Android, and try to provide users with an additional layer of protection. No matter how hard Apple and Google work for malicious programs and unwanted applications still greatly affects the iOS and Android ecosystem.

Rob Lefferts, vice president of Microsoft, said in an interview with CNBC that the two platforms, Android and iOS, are considered secure, but emphasized that this “calculated” is not exactly equal to security, because users still have the opportunity to be attacked by malware in different ways.

They will be porting Defender from the Android and iOS platforms in the past, which will prevent users from browsing some of the online resources that Microsoft considers to be insecure, and can avoid phishing attacks.

Defender anti-virus software

It is not clear when the Defender will land on the mobile platform, but other desktop platforms will already be able to enjoy it.

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              The Linux version is just launched. The Mac was launched last year. Also, Chrome and Firefox browsers have plug-ins available. Windows naturally Built into the system long ago.

Microsoft also announced that “Microsoft Threat Protection (MTP)” will join Microsoft 365 today to protect users and their email, applications, clients, etc. with a full range of Defender, Office 365 ATP, Azure ATP, and Microsoft Cloud App Security services. At the same time, AI is added to enhance the blocking ability.

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