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Microsoft Flight Simulator shrinks initial install size from 170GB to 83GB

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator – If you are thinking about learning more about the latest surreal version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Kotaku points out that it will be easier now, and the reason is simple: the initial installation of the game is much smaller.

At the time of release, installing the game may occupy 170GB on the hard drive, but in the latest patch, it is mentioned that optimization has reduced it to only 83GB.

This may be good news for people who have a bandwidth limit but don’t want to exceed it or who want to compress games to SSD for better performance.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

It is unclear what they did to save space, but we must assume that the deletion of the 212-story tower in Australia is worth a few hundred megabytes.

For the upcoming Xbox Series X/S port, this is also a good sign, suppose you want to install it on your console without uninstalling all other games you are playing.

Even if you have purchased Seagate’s 1TB expansion drive, after loading Call of Duty, Halo: Master Chief Collection, Gears 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2, and some other game pass games you may sometimes want to play, there is still room Very precious.

Speaking of the Xbox port, these notes do not coincidentally also mention the addition of new documentation related to the console version.

The SDK now includes some best practices to help developers adjust their accessories for use on Xbox, and some examples to illustrate model optimization for use on Xbox.

In this week’s developer Q&A, Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim head Jorg Neumann declined to reveal the release date of the Xbox version and joked that Phil Spencer would kill him, but he did mention that it might be done in the next few weeks, Beta testing.

What he can say now is that along with the Xbox version, a new PC version will be released, which includes other optimization features and system rewrite features.

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