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Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to Xbox Series X / S consoles on July 27

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2021

Flight Simulator is coming to Xbox Series X / S on July 27th. With Microsoft Flight Simulator not launching on Xbox One, it’s the first Xbox Game Studios title to be available through Xbox Game Pass.

The Xbox Series X version of Flight Simulator got a gameplay trailer today which looks very much like the PC version and runs in 4K.

Developer Asobo Studio may have to switch Flight Simulator to DirectX 12 in order for the game to perform well on the Xbox Series X / S. Currently, this project is in progress, and performance improvements are expected on both the PC and mobile platforms.

Flight Simulator

In the Ultra settings of Microsoft Flight Simulator, even the latest processors and GPUs struggle to match 60 frames per second.

According to Jorg Neumann, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator head, the Xbox version of the game is likely to be far more optimized for the hardware involved, as Microsoft’s optimization efforts are being reinvigorated.

Our answer to that question will come on July 27th, when Microsoft Flight Simulator launches on Xbox Series X / S. Furthermore, Microsoft announced an expansion pack for Flight Simulator later this year titled Top Gun.

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