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Microsoft finally releases a 64-bit version of OneDrive for Windows

One Drive

Microsoft earlier released the first 64-bit version of Windows. In 2007, it came out together with OneDrive. Despite this history, file synchronization applications released by Windows have only now jumped to 64-bit, and Microsoft announced a new client preview.

In the announcement found by Windows expert Paul Thurrott, the company said that the new version of OneDrive will help users who need to transfer large files or many files at the same time because 64-bit systems can access more resources than 32-bit systems.

One Drive
One Drive

The company said: “We know this is a long-awaited and demanding feature, and we are happy to provide it for early use.” “You can now download the 64-bit version for OneDrive work, school, and home accounts. “

One thing to note is that the preview is only available on x64 installations of Windows. If you own a computer similar to Surface Pro X and therefore have Windows 10 on ARM installed on the system, you have to wait. Microsoft recommends that you continue to use the 32-bit version for now.

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