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Microsoft Edge Development Channel now includes ARM64 builds

Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Edge’s Development channel now has a native ARM64 build. Microsoft released the latest 2019 update to the Development Channel for the new Microsoft Edge. The update brings native ARM64 builds to the Dev channel and provides some new features for people to test.

ARM-optimized applications have better performance and longer battery life than emulated applications. The range of Windows 10 on ARM devices is relatively small but includes Microsoft’s new Surface ProX.

Microsoft pointed out in an article in the technology community that there are many major problems with the ARM64 build in the development channel, but that it may be difficult to play some DRM videos.Surface Pro 7

In addition to bringing native ARM64 builds to the development channel, this update brings three new features outlined by Microsoft.

  • One of them is what Microsoft calls a “fixed wizard.” It sometimes pops up from your taskbar and suggests popular websites from your history to pin them directly to the taskbar of installed websites. …> More tools are available at any time.
  • For users of high-contrast themes in Windows, Edge now also supports high-contrast themes! It will follow the theme you selected in the Operating System Settings and bring us back to the support provided in Edge Legacy.
  • For users of immersive readers (formerly known as “reading views“), we have greatly expanded the number of color themes that can be selected. Many of them are specifically designed to reduce eye fatigue and improve reading comprehension.
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