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Microsoft Edge brings a save option for Downloading files

Microsoft Edge just brought back a popular feature.

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Microsoft Edge brings a save option for Downloading files

Microsoft Edge has a new feature that allows you to choose between several options when downloading files. This feature is currently available in the Dev and Canary channels of Microsoft Edge (via Techdows).

Specifically, all internal versions with version 87.0.629.0 should have this feature. Microsoft outlines this new feature and all the options it provides in a new technical community article.

  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium) has a new option to download files.
  • This feature is being tested in the Dev and Canary channels of Microsoft Edge.
  • Similar features are available on the old version of Microsoft Edge.

This feature is actually a form of restoration that makes the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge more consistent with the old version of Microsoft Edge.


When Microsoft migrated to Chromium for Edge, the browser gained some features and improved in many ways, but sacrificed some features when switching. The newly added features restore popular features from the old version of Edge.

Microsoft outlines the following options you will see when downloading files:

  1. Open the file, download it to a temporary folder and open the file. Whenever you start a new browser session, this temporary folder will try to clear itself.
  2. Save as, open the file browser, allowing you to rename and select the file location Save… the file located under the… button,
  3. it saves the file to the default download folder (you can also change this file on the “Download Settings” page) Completely
  4. Cancel the entire file download, which is also located under the… button

In addition to adding these options, Microsoft Edge also has the ability to delete downloaded content directly from the browser.

In supported versions of Microsoft Edge, you can now right-click the downloaded item in the download page of your browser and select “Delete File”.

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