Microsoft began accepting registration for “Flight Simulator” VR Beta

Now you can play the new Microsoft Flight Simulator in the most engaging format. Asobo Studio is now open for registration (internal beta via Eurogamer), allowing you to play “flight simulator” in VR.

Initially, you need to use a Windows mixed reality headset, such as HP’s Reverb G2, the system must meet the minimum specifications (most obviously the same as the GeForce GTX 1080), and a Flight Simulator Insider is required.

The second phase will include “other equipment”, although Asobo did not say what these headphones might be. The Beta version is expected to start in late October or early November.


The addition of VR may be one of the biggest upgrades of the game. Although airplane cockpits are usually very realistic in flight simulators, the gaze monitor does not match the situational awareness you have as a real pilot.

Even if limited by VR (you can’t grasp the controls like in real life), it is more natural than looking around with a mouse and keyboard.

Asobo will soon fulfill its promise of an evolving title. Sim Update 1, which will be launched in November, will address community feature requirements, and subsequent updates will improve the world. If you find a technical inaccuracy or a jagged whole, it is likely to be fixed soon.

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