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Microsoft Announces the Dual-Screen Surface Neo Gadget

Surface Neo

Microsoft Announces the Dual-Screen Surface Neo Gadget

 Microsoft just announced various types of devices including Surface Neo. The Surface Neo dual-screen device will power by windows called new version Windows 10X but however this operating system is not available until next holiday.

This device is more closely described by Microsoft as a handset with a full swivel hinge design. As per the news, Microsoft was working on dual-screen devices for more than 10 years. The company also announced the surface earbuds and surface laptop 3 as well and Neo dual-screen also runs by the android operating system in the future.

Surface Neo Foldable Screen

The company starts introducing a foldable phone through surface neo and remembers it’s not like a Galaxy foldable phone but it is still able to save one big surprise for the end because Microsoft getting back into the phone series once again in the world market.

The phone design moment looks relatively simple but it’s definitely still just a prototype handset but it’s just different experience. As per some of the websites: The device has two 5.6 inch screens and powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor.

Surface Neo Fold

The excellent design of surface neo – we did see the gadget have an earpiece speaker, camera and incredible looking Microsoft logo in the back but however missing a rear camera from the device. The device looks like a large notebook when we foldup with Intel chip. The device works with a new thin surface pen that attaches to the back. The keyboard looks very interesting and you can use the keyboard separately to giving you a full view of both screens.

Microsoft defines “wonder bar”, it can change depending on where the keyboard is placed. This is a magnificent feature from Microsoft surface neo – if the keyboard sits on the bottom edge of the display, the rest of the display shows apps, quick access tools and many more but keyboard sits along the top edge, the display turns into a trackpad.

Surface Neo

This is not a full finished device from Microsoft. It’s just a teaser pre-announcement of the dual-screen device from the company. So, the specifications are sure may change until the device actually gets released for the customers in the market. Microsoft says “Device will come out until the holiday season in 2020”.

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