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Mi Note 10 108MP Camera: The First 108MP Phone Camera

Mi Note 10 108MP Phone Camera

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 108MP Phone Camera! – This is a huge number for any camera, not just the sensor built into the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. Such a large resolution is worth a thorough study of the camera. Let’s focus on the industry’s first 108MP Camera.

The main camera uses Samsung’s ISOCELL Bright HMX 108 MP sensor, which measures 1 / 1.33 inches. Although it sounds small, it is larger than the 1 / 1.7-inch sensor of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and much larger than the 1 / 2.55-inch sensor inside the new Google Pixel 4.

In terms of theory, a large sensor means better light capture. However, dividing the sensor by 108MP megapixels means that the size of each pixel is only 0.8μm.

Although when shooting in the default 27MP mode, combining the four pixels through “pixel merge” can bring the effective size closer to 1.6μm.

In contrast, the default size of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro’s 40MP 1 / 1.7-inch sensor is 1.0 μm, and the maximum size when shooting a 10MP pixel combined snapshot is 2.0 μm. At the same time, Google Pixel 4 has a camera pixel of 1.4 μm.

Mi Note 10 108MP Camera Details

The Mi Note 10 has a smaller pixel size than its competitors, which means that the risk of noise is slightly higher. Xiaomi has paired the sensor with an f / 1.69 aperture lens. This is a fraction of the width of the Mate 30 Pro and Google Pixel 4 that offer f / 1.7.

Both apertures are very wide, so there is no difference in light capture. What’s more important is whether the 7-layer lens in Mi Note 10 is good. Making such large aperture lenses without distortion is a tricky task.

Mi Note 10 108MP Phone Camera

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 contains four other cameras. These include a 12MP f / 2.0 2x telephoto lens, a 5MP (8MP upscaling) f / 2.0 5x lens, a 20MP f / 2.2 ultra-wide lens and a 2MP f / 1.2 dedicated macro lens. With so many cameras, there is still a lot of work to do.

Let’s focus primarily on the prospects of the major 108MP camera and the flexibility of a wider camera suite.

Mi Note 10 108MP Snap Details

The focus of the 108 megapixels that can be played is to crop and enlarge the image. If you are just looking at full-frame cropping, then the 20MB + full file size of these pictures is wasted. In comparison, a 27MP snapshot per image takes up to 15MB. So let’s take a look at about 100% of the crop of this main camera.

The resolution is 12,032 x 9,024 and the resolution is 108MP. The full-frame image looks good in good lighting conditions, with solid color balance and exposure. Cropping to 100% reveals problems unmatched by other cheap high-resolution cameras we see on the market.

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           The rather heavy noise reduction blends textures and similar colors, resulting in noticeably insufficient detail in objects such as trees. This effect is not as bad as other phones, but you will never get the full benefit of the 108MP slogan.

Overall, the image remains in good condition even when 70% of the image is cropped in the image, but with the default 27MP mode, you usually get similar detailed results.

Compared to shooting with 27MP, the 108MP sensor does capture more detail. However, as the comparison below shows, you must crop it completely to see it. A lot of processing means you rarely need to use this 100% crop. Therefore, it is best to stick with the 27MP default mode most of the time.

Mi Note 10 108MP Snap Details

The phone’s large 1 / 1.33-inch sensor should produce some very good low light. Although dividing the sensor into 108 megapixels means that the size of virtually every pixel is usually quite large. Still, full-frame images look good. The real question is how much detail to keep. As you might expect, the performance of the 108MP camera in low light is not satisfactory. Whether you’re shooting in 27 or 108MP mode, as the light goes out, detail capture will decrease.

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