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MGM is being offered by Amazon for $9 billion

James Bond, The Handmaid’s Tale, Rocky, Stargate, RoboCop, Legally Blonde, Vikings, a historic checklist of movies going out back multiple decades, an array of production and distribution companies, and the content network Epix — these are the effects that Amazon might have if it buys fabulous film blockbuster MGM for billions of dollars in the actually near future.

Amazon allegedly offered $9 billion for the company, consistent with variety, following a scoop the day earlier than The information, which recommended a $7-10 billion limit for a potential deal, and range’s The proposal that $9 billion turned into additionally the amount MGM became allegedly hoping to get.


Among the ones elements, is the truth that MGM has been up for sale since December 2020, and the envy that includes the unexpected approaching existence of a new media giant before today as AT&T close and contact it Discovery. It would no longer be amazing if Amazon and MGM signed the deal.

The records were slightly less sharp in its report today, but, writing that “the reputation of Amazon’s discussion with MGM is doubtful and it is possible that there will be no deal.”

In December, The guardian mentioned MGM has a library of 4,000 movies and 17,000 hours of television. James Bond especially is one of the maximum valuable movie franchises ever – a listing that is most effective getting as small as the Disney umbrella and may swallow as many rivals as the marvel Cinematic Universe.

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