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MacBook Air 2020 Hands-on: Finally get the Magic Keyboard

MacBook Air 2020

Coming to 2020, the evolution of the MacBook Air 2020 is finally complete because this time Apple did indeed make up for a more capable magic keyboard. It is also at this opportunity to let us review the differences between the MacBook Air before, during and after the major changes revision.

The editor especially retrieved his first MacBook Air 2013, which is not easy to go out of the warehouse, and more importantly, the charger does not know where to throw it. So, I think that the 13-inch MacBook Air in 2013 withstood a 1,440 x 900 screen, and it has not been beaten by the strong rivals of FHD screen notebooks.

After all, about the main features in MacBook Air, it still has a battery that is 12 hours long enough to use, and it also has a pretty good scissor-keyboard. However, because of the emergence of the 12-inch MacBook, it caused a shock of extinction. MacBook Air 2020

Fortunately, the MacBook Air is still strong enough to replace the MacBook in 2018 and return to the rivers and lakes, and replace the much-anticipated Retina screen, but it inherits the butterfly foot keyboard, which greatly affects the sense of hit.

In 2019, the emergence of the 16-inch MacBook Pro will bring back the scissor-style keyboard, so that everyone can regain its beauty. At the same time, it also leads to speculation. When will Apple replace the MacBook Air with scissor’s feet? 

As a result, in early 2020, the “Ultimate” MacBook Air with a scissor foot, a Retina screen, and a long-lasting battery was officially launched, but the body was also lightweight.

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So what is the difference between Apple’s MacBook Air and scissor keyboard MacBook Air that we can use only after we have walked in the wrong direction? After this lengthy presentation, it is finally beginning.

MacBook Air 2020 Specification Details

The borrowed MacBook Air 2020 is the standard version, only equipped with Intel’s 10th generation dual-core i3 processor, 8GB LDDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD. You can also compare the Core i5 processor in 2018 to see how much the performance has improved.

Simply use the free version of Geekbench 5 to run a CPU benchmark. It can be seen that even the Intel Core i3-1000NG4 CPU @ 1.10GHz used in the 2020 version of MacBook Air is named “inferior to” the 2018 MacBook Air.

The used Intel Core i5-8210Y @ 1.60GHz (below), but in fact, the single-core and multi-core scores have improved significantly in the new version.MacBook Air 2020 (1)

If you only want to buy the standard version, do not need to worry Has the processing performance deteriorated due to the drop in level and clock frequency? On the contrary, the power consumption will be reduced as a result, and the machine will not become so hot easily.

But in fact, the highlight of this article is to look at the new scissor keyboard of MacBook Air. The official name is “Exquisite Keyboard”. Let the experts do the internal dismantling and we will take measurements.

MacBook Air Scissor New Magic Keyboard

The MacBook Air’s main feature is a thin and light design, so after replacing the scissors keyboards with higher key travel and keycaps, does it mean that the thickness of the fuselage is also increased? The result is nothing changed significantly. 

The thickness of the new MacBook Air is 1.46cm in the center, which is not significantly different from the 1.43cm of the 2018 version, but it is still much thinner than the 1.58cm of the 2013 version.MacBook Air 2020 (2)

Next is the width of the keycap. Although the butterfly-foot keyboard feels bad due to scaling. It does improve the user’s typing accuracy because of the larger keycap area. In 2018, the width of the MacBook Air keycap has a spectrum of 1.9mm. 

You can also touch the button you want to press by touching it blindly. In comparison, the width of the scissor-keyboard keycap in 2013 was the only 1.36mm, and the gap was close to 30%.

What about the 2020 MacBook Air? 

The width of the keycap is 1.49mm, which is just stuck between the two. When you hit the keyboard for a long time, you feel that my fingers touch the gap between the keycaps more than the old version and degrees are similar.

Finally, there is a gap in the keystroke distance, which is also the biggest factor that greatly affects the “feel” of typing. Although we do not disassemble the machine-like iFixit. 

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We are indeed seeing and measuring the height of the entire button to trigger the machine, but we can still glimpse the difference by measuring the height of the highest point of the keycap and the height of the keyboard panel.

The reason is that when the keyboard keys of the MacBook are pressed to the end, they are probably aligned with the keyboard panel, so it can also be understood as the line spacing of the keys.

The disassembly report of iFixit earlier has answered our question, and today the editor is verifying it again. Under the measurement, there is a gap of 0.5mm (1mm v. 0.5mm) between the keycap height of the 2020 version.MacBook Air 2020 (3)

The 2018 version of the MacBook Air, that is, the keystroke of the new version of the scissor foot is twice that of the butterfly foot, that is This difference brings a distinctly different experience-when you hit the scissor-foot keyboard of the 2018 version of the MacBook Air.

The sounds and feels are like knocking on a plastic sheet; only when you hit the butterfly foot of the 2020 version of the MacBook Air and the feeling of really pressing down.

However, if you have a direct comparison between the old-fashioned scissor keyboards and the new-style scissor-foot keyboard, you will find that the feel is still a little subtle. The reason is that the keycap of the old version, that is, the 2013 version of the MacBook Air, turned out to be 1.4mm tall.

In comparison, the 2020 version of the Scissor Magic Keyboard is still relatively short, and the feel is a little thin, but considering that the keycap and stability width has increased, it can be said that the new “Exquisite Keyboard” is a combination of the original scissors A new form of feet and butterfly feet.


The 2020 version of the MacBook Air 2020 is the final product that balances the needs of everyone. It not only responds to the resentment of users in the past five years but also maintains the new generation of MacBook Air’s lightweight design. 

Friends who are still stuck in the old MacBook Air because of the keyboard feel, this time is the time to upgrade. That is to say, the product design will not have a perfect endpoint, just to achieve the balance of the various needs. 

It took Apple five years to finally find this balance, and the design team and the legal team might be able to relax a little.

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