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Logitech’s upgraded Combo Touch keyboard will be released in July 4


Logitech has released a version of the Combo Touch keyboard case, which is compatible with the fourth-generation iPad Air and has a kickstand resembling the one on a Microsoft Surface as well as a detachable keyboard with an integrated trackpad. Apple’s Magic Keyboard that fits the iPad Air will cost $199.99, making this case $100 cheaper than that.

A new version of Logitech’s Combo Touch keyboard will be released in July for the fourth-generation iPad Air

Logitech offers backlit keys and iPadOS shortcuts, and is powered by the iPad’s Smart Connector, meaning that you will not have to charge up the keyboard separately. At the top of the case you’ll find a handy compartment where you can store a second-generation Apple Pencil that attaches magnetically to your iPad.


If the design of this case seems familiar, it’s because it’s nearly identical to the Combo Touch cases that were recently released for the 2021 iPad Pros. It will also be an upgrade in comparison to the Combo Touch case my colleague Phil Esposito loves for the third-generation iPad Air.

The Combo Touch for the iPad Pro will also come in a new color, the “sand” (I would describe it as a light gray). It will be available in July.

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