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Logitech’s K860 is a Long-last Ergonomic Keyboard

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Logitech, which did not focus on ergonomic design, previously brought a vertical mouse called MX Vertical, but now it has released a separate ergonomic keyboard that claims to bring less burden on typing Experience.

Logitech’s last “ergonomic” keyboard, if remembered correctly, was the Wave series around 2007. At that time, the keys were arranged in a curve, and the center of the keyboard was raised to allow hands to be placed in a more natural position.

If you are talking about a left-right keyboard, you will have to go back to the 2004 Desktop Comfort keyboard.

Logitech K860 keyboard

Of course, if you are watching the market around ergonomics, you will soon find that this is the same as Microsoft’s Surface Ergonomic Keyboard, and Microsoft has been building such a left-right keyboard for many years.

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Logitech is undoubtedly a follower here, but it masters all the ergonomic elements, plus the soft palm rest and Logitech’s new generation of scissor feet, which is still a powerful challenge for ergonomic keyboards.

Like many of Logitech’s new-generation keyboards, it can be connected via 2.4GHz wireless or Bluetooth. It also supports both Windows and Mac systems. Because there is no backlight, the two AAA can last for two years.

Ergo K860 is priced at US $ 129.99, which is the same price as Microsoft’s ergonomic keyboard.

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