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Logitech Announces Cheap Magic Keyboard Replacement for New iPad Pro


Apple has announced an upgrade for the iPad Pro with the M1, and Logitech has announced new keyboards and trackpad accessories for the 11-inch, 12-inch, and 9-inch models. The Combo Touch is a Microsoft Surface-style case with a kickstand and a detachable keyboard with a trackpad. Connect using Smart Connect iPad Pro.

Logitech has released a touch keyboard combo similar to the 10.2-inch and 10.5-inch iPads, and Folio Touch for the 11-inch iPad Pro and 10.5-inch iPad Air.


The Folio Touch keyboard is non-removable and the trackpad is slightly smaller than the new Combo Touch. Otherwise, it is an equivalent product.


But this is the first time Logitech has offered a keyboard/trackpad option for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which is much cheaper than Apple’s Magic Keyboard.

The 11-inch model costs $ 199.99 and the 12.9-inch model costs $ 229.99. This saves over $ 100 per sticker, compared to Apple’s $ 299 and $ 349 prices.

Logitech layout is also recommended. It’s not as sleek as the Magic Keyboard, but the case offers extra protection for your iPad, removable parts and kickstand make it even more versatile, and the keyboard has a few useful features. The 11-inch model is currently available for pre-order, but the 12.9-inch version is marked “coming soon.”

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