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LineageOS 17.1 is Coming soon on OnePlus Nord

Oneplus Nord

OnePlus’ original OnePlus Nord phone caused a sensation, offering its hardware and OxygenOS experience at a more accessible price. For those users who may not like OxygenOS or want their devices to be used longer than the official update time, LineageOS 17.1 has gained support for OnePlus Nord.

LineageOS is one of the most popular third-party Android ROMs in the world today, which can extend the life of beloved phones and tablets. The ROM provides a highly customizable experience while also closely following the “pure” Android / AOSP.

LineageOS is not developed by one person or a development team, but by a group of contributors who work together to achieve a great Android experience.

Every device supported by LineageOS has benefited from the efforts of one or more contributors to incorporate their favorite Android phones.

Oneplus Nord

As stated in the official Wiki, the latest device to get LineageOS support is OnePlus Nord, which is codenamed “Avicii”-please note that this is not OnePlus Nord N10 5G or N100.

Since the support is based on the latest LineageOS 17.1, the owner of the device will be able to enjoy an Android 10 experience similar to when it was launched.

In other words, OnePlus Nord is still a fairly new device and should receive security and feature updates within a few years.

Since LineageOS has been changed to a weekly build schedule, owners of OnePlus Nord will be able to install the first “nightly” build of LineageOS 17.1 in the coming days.

Once the build is available, you can follow the installation instructions on the LineageOS Wiki.

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