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LG’s 2021 OLED TV Products start at $1,299


LG has finally announced most of the prices of its 2021 4K OLED TVs, and this is good news if you want to save some money-although you can easily spend a lot of money if you want. By lowering the entry price of the brand-new set, the price of the A1 series may attract your attention.

The 48-inch TV is priced at US$1,299 and will be available in June. 55-inch (US$1,599), 65-inch (US$2,199) and 77-inch (US$3,199) models will be available in April.

You will give up privileges such as 120Hz variable refresh rate panels, HDMI 2.1, and the latest processors, but these are the latest TVs, and they make OLED’s high contrast and vivid colors easier to use.

However, the company will not surprisingly like that you spend a lot of money on high-end equipment, and this is where the price is high. The 48-inch model of the mid-level C1 series launched in April starts at $1,499, but you can pay up to $5,999 for the 83-inch model that debuted in May.


Before the end of March, you will find 55-inch ($1,799), 65-inch ($2,499) and 77-inch ($3,799) screens in stores.

The core of the LG 4K catalog is the artistic G1 “Gallery” series, so the price is particularly expensive. The 55-inch G1 will be available in April for US$2,199, while the 65-inch and 77-inch G1 are priced at US$3,999 and US$4,999, respectively.

Hope you have 8K OLED? Unfortunately, there is not much new news in this regard. LG continues to sell the ZX series. The 77-inch version starts at $19,999, while the 88-inch version starts at $29,999.

Like it or not, this technology doesn’t seem to be ready to become mainstream-the downside is that this technology is too important when 8K content is lacking.

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