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LG’s 2021 Gram laptop is equipped with Intel’s 11th-generation processor

LG announced its Gram notebook lineup for 2021. These products have adopted new designs and have undergone some internal upgrades. There are five models. They include three flaps.

Gram 17, Gram 16, and Gram 14 and two convertible models (Gram 2 in 1 16 and Gram 2 in 1 14.

LG has not changed the signature function of the Gram lineup. LG Gram laptops are known for their lightness hence the name “Gram”.

The Gram 17 weighs only 2.98 pounds, the same weight as its predecessor. It’s very unusual to see a 17-inch laptop weighing less than 3 pounds and really use your brains-I always feel that I didn’t bring anything when holding the 2020 model because I hope it will become heavier. Gram 16 weighs only 2.62 pounds, while 14 weighs 2.2 pounds.

Another important feature of the 2020 Gram 17 is the 16:10 display, which has been extended to 2021. Compared with the traditional 16:9 panel, it provides more vertical space.

Besides, LG said that the new clamshell model has a new “four-sided thin-bezel design” that can achieve a 90% screen-to-body ratio.

From the photos provided by LG, it is obvious that the frame looks small, which gives the whole product a modern feel.

LG also stated that the keyboard and touchpad have been expanded “to improve comfort and efficiency.”

The most important upgrade is internal. All new Gram laptops have Intel’s 11th-generation Core processors and can be equipped with Iris Xe graphics or UHD graphics.

All models have passed the certification of the Intel Evo program, which is an Intel logo designed to prove that the laptop can be used for at least 9 hours of battery life, quickly wake up from sleep, and other features.

Jang Ik-hwan, LG’s senior vice president and head of the company’s IT business unit, said: “The LG gram brand is synonymous with unprecedented portability and first-class performance, and it continues to raise the bar for the ultra-thin and light-weight notebook market. In the statement. “With a more stylish, more refined design and 16:10 aspect ratio display, while maintaining a lightweight appearance, our latest LG gram product line enables consumers to enjoy higher levels no matter where they are. Productivity and a more immersive viewing experience.”

LG claims that you can see up to 19.5 hours from Gram 17, Gram 16, and 16 combos. I usually doubt it, but I would say that the battery life of the 2020 Gram 17 is the longest I have seen from a laptop last year.

It lasted about 10 hours of my daily workload quite intense. So LG knows what it is doing to improve efficiency and has reason to be optimistic.

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