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LG Wing Review: very suitable for content consumption, nothing more

LG Wing Camera

In the past few years, the design of smartphones has reached a stable level. After all, glass panels can only do a lot of things. While other OEMs are pushing foldable products into the future.

LG has proposed some unique designs and put them on the market to see if they are strong. LG Wing is the first device with a weird rotating design, and…it’s pretty good.

What’s the matter with rotating the screen?

To say the least, it’s always useful to have more screen space on hand, but, weirdly, LG assumes this with Wing. The 6.8-inch standard display does not hinder the display of the smaller nearly 4-inch panel.

When the screen rotates out, it moves in a consistent motion, and finally has a “buffer” at the end to prevent the screen from hitting too hard. This is a good and satisfying action, but it may be a little troublesome if you hold the phone with your left hand.

LG Wing 5

Turning off the screen will make the screen fall back with a pleasant “heaviness“. Sometimes you may feel moving on the screen from time to time, but the mechanism here is very powerful and well done.

In the software, when the wings are closed, LG has a standard home screen, but when it is open, you get a traditional layout on the bottom screen and a unique carousel design on the top.

You can swipe up to get a full app drawer on either display and overall, the system works well. However, personally, I hope that the top screen will use a traditional layout instead of a carousel that wastes space.

You can fix your phone in almost any direction and use it in different ways, but what can you actually use your phone for? One of the biggest use cases LG promotes is cameras.

There is an ultra-wide-angle camera on the back of the phone, which can be used as a gimbal with the help of a second screen.

LG Wing Dual Screen

You can use the virtual joystick on the bottom display to move the viewpoint, and the stability is at the highest level. This is a very clever idea and may be very useful for content creators!

Besides, there are more use cases. LG has an “app pair” feature that allows users to group certain applications to open them on each screen faster. For example, YouTube and Twitter at home, or Google Maps, and Spotify while driving.

Almost all applications can run on a smaller display at the bottom, but some applications will be better than others. However, you must manually enable most apps.

You can also get other quick setting menus on the bottom display. It has brightness and volume options-the latter is commendable because it is difficult to press the volume buttons when rotating the large screen.

There is also a shortcut for “Grip Lock” to turn off the bottom display, and “Touchpad” allows you to use the bottom display as a trackpad with a cursor on the top display.

Does this mean that Wing is the phone everyone should buy? Absolutely not. Compromises such as reduced water resistance and lack of protective covers mean that most people should stick to regular equipment.

LG New Phone

However, the market for this device may be small. Indeed, this is the point. The purpose of the LG Explorer project is to come up with crazy ideas and then throw them to the customer to see if there are any ideas.

I’m not sure if Wing will be popular enough to justify the sequel, but this is the beginning of great work, and I can’t wait to know what will happen next.

To sum up, we need to discuss the rest of this phone, because if there is no decent smartphone to support it, then a neat rotating screen will be meaningless. good news? This is a pretty good device!

LG Wing Hardware

After turning over the rotating screen of LG Wing, the rest of the hardware is less exciting. It has a sturdy metal frame, an ultra-smooth glass back cover that can collect all fingerprints, tactile buttons, and USB-C ports literally. There is also a fingerprint sensor on the display to complete the work, but the speed is very slow.

Compared with most mobile phones, LG Wing’s mobile phone is thicker and heavier, because it must be so. There are many more things here! I didn’t really call the cell phone for this. Still completely acceptable.

LG Wing Camera

Although the design is thicker and the device takes up more space, LG still cannot or just doesn’t want to make room for the headphone jack. This makes it the first major version of LG to drop the feature.

Another outstanding feature of LG is the pop-up selfie camera. Although it feels slower than other devices with the same functions I have tried, it is effective and meaningful for this form factor.

There is also a 4,000 mAh battery under the hood. Overall the effect is good, but if you use both monitors at the same time, the effect will not be particularly good.

I like that LG does not give up wireless charging or fast charging on this device. In general, the hardware on the wings is standard. It is not as flashy as LG Velvet or even V60, but it can get the job done.

LG Wing Software Performance

LG has used Achilles as its software for many years, but unfortunately, Wing is no exception. Android 10 can be used directly. This phone will install Android 11 in time, but there is no guarantee that it will be supported in the future.

The appearance of Android is quite heavy, but in most cases, everything is still as you wish. Unfortunately, due to LG’s skin, errors and random slowdowns are more common. There are still no meaningful choices.

The phone is still leaving the factory without the application drawer enabled. Once you turn on the phone, you still can’t keep your applications organized. Crazy!

LG Wing 5

The good news is that performance is acceptable. The combination of Snapdragon 765 and 8GB RAM provides an experience that I cannot call a particularly smooth -60Hz screen to no avail-but it’s not rough.

Although it is mediocre, it can get the job done, and I can say with confidence that most people may not be able to tell the difference between Wing and other smartphones.

One of the biggest problems with Wing is that you must stick to LG’s normal keyboard to effectively use this form factor. No other keyboard can correctly recognize these two displays. problem? LG’s keyboard is a lot of nonsense. Spaces always disappoint me, especially when typing symbols.

It cannot access many symbols. It also has the worst automatic correction function I have ever seen. In most cases, it will not correct spelling errors. When it decides to correct it, it is always incorrect to do so. And, if you try to fix the automatic correction, it will be redone!

I wanted to use Wing for a longer time, but within a few days, I was so tired of the keyboard on this phone that I had to stop using it. LG, solve this problem.

LG Wing Camera

LG Wing Camera

The camera experience on LG Wing is good or bad. Okay, the ultra-wide-angle rear camera is very interesting to use in gimbal mode. Although I think the effect is not outstanding, it is acceptable.

However, the rest of the shooting experience is moderate at best. Unlike the LG V60, which impressed me, despite using a similar 64MP camera, Wing’s main camera usually lacks contrast and color.

It’s really a pity that a good camera will be highly appreciated because of such a size! It is worth noting that the pop-up selfie camera is a 32MP camera and the quality is also good.

It is suitable for selfies, and also for video calls. However, it’s worth noting that most video calling apps seem to be picky about using the home screen when rotating. For example, Google Duo opens an incoming call on the second display.


LG Wing is not for everyone, but it does provide some real new things to the market. I think the people who like to use this device most are those who consume most of the content on their smartphones. If you watch YouTube, Netflix, or game streaming on Twitch every day, this phone is an excellent way to achieve this.

If it sounds like you, LG Wing sells for about $1,000 at major US carriers. If it’s not you (maybe not), we suggest you use many other great Android phones.

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