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LG Virtual Exhibition at IFA 2020: LG ThinQ Home

LG Virtual Exhibition

LG Virtual Exhibition at IFA 2020: LG ThinQ Home

LG Electronics Inc., a major home appliance manufacturer in South Korea, this week started its own first-ever digital exhibition booth to present. Its latest products and technologies for Europe’s largest tech expo amid the coronavirus pandemic.

LG’s 3D virtual exhibition booth for IFA 2020 was introduced to the public under the slogan”Experience LG like never before.”  Individuals can get into the booth by getting their website or downloading a cell application.

This year’s IFA trade show, which runs from Thursday to Saturday at Berlin, Germany, was scaled down due to the outbreak, so LG decided to operate an online exhibition booth to showcase its newest innovations to international audiences. 

LG Virtual Exhibition
Image: LG

LG said the online booth provides realistic renderings of Hall 18 of Messe Berlin, which is used for the IFA exhibition since 2015. The booth welcomes visitors with a screen installation named “New Wave,” featuring flat and curved OLED displays. 

Following the OLED signage, visitors can see a moving performance from 10 LG OLED TVs with a rollable screen.  The digital exhibition hall, which LG created with Unity Technologies Korea, allows users to experience its latest goods from TVs to audio products. 

Visitors can tour the internet stall with voice explanations in docents.  They can check out detailed specifications or images by clicking products that are exhibited. Its latest appliances are introduced as people go through seven different zones inside the virtual house.

LG will also demonstrate its Proactive Client Care service, an AI-based alternative that assists its appliance owners at keeping the quality of the compatible products. 

It will also show how people can manage LG appliances through the company’s LG ThinQ app. “The exhibition was created as an enjoyable, interactive experience by which people could freely explore the exhibit like in a match,” a company official said. 

It had been co-produced with Unity Technologies’ Korea workplace employing the company’s video game engine to make interactive, real-time 3D content. 

The electronic display, “Experience LG Like Never Before,” begins with the organization’s signature installation of flexible organic light-emitting diode displays, known as”OLED New Wave,” at the entrance of the virtual hall. 

The organization, that’s the planet’s largest OLED TV supplier, has attempted to describe the technical benefits of OLED TVs with four keywords: sharp, quick, smooth, and slender. 

In the menu, if viewers click on the home appliances that they can take a tour of the LG ThinQ@Home segment with seven zones which are made to exhibit a comprehensive selection of smart home appliances and integrated solutions. 

LG announced that it will display a virtual IFA 2020 exhibition starting on September 1, 2020, and this year’s IFA conference will be an online conference due to COVID-19.

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