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LG confirms Wing is That the Title of its new Smartphone

LG New Phone

LG confirms Wing is That the Title of its new Smartphone

LG has supported its forthcoming phone is going to be known as Wing (the Wing?)  and will be revealed at its announcement event on September 14th.  

The device is believed to have two screens at a swiveling form factor, with a recent teaser movie showing what looks like a sliding mechanism that may rotate to a T form.

In addition to its swiveling screens, accounts about the Wing thus far have indicated that the device will encourage 5G, have a triple-rear camera range using a 64-megapixel principal sensor, and will operate on a Snapdragon 7-series chip. 

LG New Phone

The device will be LG’s first introduced under its Explorer Project, a new mobile category the firm states is geared toward”discovering new ways to interact with cellular devices… and challenging established user norms,” adding that the Wing will”produce a new and distinct form factor and mobile expertise that will be impossible to create with conventional smartphones”

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