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Lenovo’s new gaming phone has a touch response rate of 720Hz

Lenovo Legion

Despite the bump, phone manufacturers have not given up gaming phones. Driven by the rise of cloud gaming services such as Xbox Game Pass and Google Stadia, companies such as ASUS and China’s Nubia have released powerful devices specifically for on-the-go games.

Now, Lenovo will launch its first gaming phone from last year to return to the stage. The new “Legion Phone Duel 2” retains the original version’s focus on horizontal use but doubles the controls by adding a total of eight virtual buttons to make it closer to the feel of a gamepad.

Its “octa triggers” include four ultrasonic shoulder keys, two rear parts, and two touchpoints in the display. They are paired with a 720Hz touch sampling rate (the response speed and accuracy provided by the Asus ROG Phone 5 and Nubia Red Magic 6 have more than doubled).

Lenovo Legion
Lenovo Legion

Lenovo said that this setting is designed to match the player’s natural grip when holding it horizontally, allowing you to perform more actions in battle in the speed calculation.

Of course, if the new corps does not have the corresponding specifications to support them, then these control measures will not help. Lenovo’s device is the latest device to join the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 club and its gaming rivals.

It also retains the same smooth 144Hz refresh rate as Legacy, which matches the ASUS ROG 5, but is lower than the latest Nubia’s 165Hz. The weird pop-up selfie camera on the side is also back, although it has been upgraded from 20MP to 44MP.

The 6.92-inch AMOLED full HD display is only slightly larger than the Asus ROG 5, and it also supports HDR 10+.

Legion” is equipped with a cooling system powered by twin turbofans, allowing you to play games for a long time. Lenovo also inserted the processor of the phone in the middle, so the fingers won’t feel too much heat in landscape mode.

The new phone also comes with dual batteries that provide 5,500mAh of power-10% higher than its predecessor as well as faster 90W fast charging and two USB-C ports.

The new phone with the 16GB/512GB model with a charging base starts at 999 Euros ($1,185), while the 12GB/256GB model without additional accessories is priced at 799 Euros ($948).

The phone will be available in China from April, and then select markets in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe next month. Lenovo said the availability of North America has yet to be determined.

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