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Latest TV Technology: How to select and compare recommended TV in 2020

TV Performance (1)

The demand for new 4K and 8K satellite broadcasts, which have been broadcast since December 2018, and 4K videos distributed online, has been increasing and the price has become affordable.

There may be many people who are considering buying a new product soon. However, “Full Hi-Vision (2K) LCD TV” is still popular, especially for those who live alone. This time, we will introduce how to choose TV and recommended models.

Recommended points for choosing a TV!

TV Type: TV types can be classified into “liquid crystal” and “organic EL” by structure.

LCD TVs are the mainstream of TVs currently on the market. The LCD panel changes its direction with voltage and adjusts the backlight light on the back of the panel to display the image. The merit is that it has been mechanicalized and time has passed, so there are many types and the price is cheap.

TV Types

Various panel sizes are available, ranging from the portable 10V type to the ultra-large 100V type, so you can choose the TV size that best suits your room size. Also, some models have a matte surface so that there is a little reflection. Because it uses LEDs, it has a long lifespan and can be used for more than 10 years.

Disadvantages are that there is a limit to thinning as much as a backlight is required, and heat dissipation space is also required for installation. You may feel some pressure in a small room. Also, it has been said that black looks whitish and that fast-moving images such as sports are easy to blur.

However, recently, with the development of technology, these disadvantages are being covered by more beautiful black expression and double-speed processing with less blur.

Organic EL, on the other hand, is a technology that displays images by emitting light from each liquid crystal element. Since there is no backlight, it is designed to be as thin as 1 / 10th of a liquid crystal. It can also be hung on a wall like a hanging shaft. Because the response speed is fast, there is no image blur such as afterimages, and you can fully enjoy speedy images such as watching sports and racing.

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It also features good contrast and color. In particular, black is beautifully reproduced with a tight color, and the depth is projected more realistically. It is recommended for those who want to enjoy sports programs such as soccer and baseball, who want to play games without stress, and who want to enjoy an immersive experience with music live and movies.

However, the disadvantages are that it is still expensive, has fewer models, and has a shorter lifespan than LCD TVs. In particular, panel sizes of 55V and above are the mainstream, and it can be said that the hurdles are still high for those who live alone or for the second TV.

Panel performance

With the start of terrestrial digital broadcasting, TV resolution has improved dramatically. Currently available TVs display high-definition video in the order of “HD”, “Full HD (Full HD, 2K)”, “4K”, and “8K”. HD is about 900,000 pixels.

TV Performance (1)

Full HD is a resolution of about 2 million pixels that are used in terrestrial digital broadcasting and satellite broadcasting. The full HD resolution is sufficient for viewing the general video. However, if you want to see a more beautiful screen on Blu-ray or the future 4K / 8K broadcasting, we recommend the 4K TV described below, which has narrowed the price gap.

The 4K LCD TV is an ultra-high-definition LCD TV with approximately 8 million pixels, which is four times the resolution of “Full HD TV”. Furthermore, 8K is about 33 million pixels, 4 times that of 4K and 16 times that of full HD.

In addition to being able to see more precise images than before, you can feel the depth in two dimensions and have the advantage of being beautiful even when the viewing distance is short. 4K / 8K video can be viewed with video software and Internet content distribution services, and the new 4K / 8K satellite broadcasting has been started since December 2018.

The demerit is that the panel size is limited, just like OLED. There are many large screen ones, and it tends to be left alone for one person. We recommend using 4K TVs for large rooms such as living rooms and dining rooms, and full HD TVs if you have limited room size and viewing time, such as children’s rooms and study rooms.

Screen size

The TV screen size is large = it is not beautiful and powerful. By keeping the “viewing distance” that is the distance between the TV and the place where you watch TVs, such as a sofa or chair, you can watch TV more clearly. For full HD, the screen height is about 3 times, and for 4K, the screen height is about 1.5 times. 4K LCD TVs are useful for those who are close to the sofa and want to enjoy powerful images.

Screen Size

For the whole family, a large screen 60V type 4K LCD TV is recommended. You can share high-definition video, making family time more fun! For those who live alone, a slightly smaller 19-24V type TV was the mainstream, but recently, the price has been reduced and the thickness has been reduced, and the 32V type TV with a larger screen is popular.

A 24V TV or lower is recommended as a second TV in a study or guest room. The smaller 10V type is more portable, and it is popular in the car and on the go.

Recording/Speaker quality

Most TVs support recording with an external HDD (hard disk). Even without a recorder, the recording is possible with an external HDD. Also, built-in HDD type and built-in Blu-ray recording type, you can easily record without preparing HDD.

However, it may not be possible to record back programs due to the number of tuners. In such cases, we recommend purchasing a BD recorder. There are many functions that cannot be imitated by TV alone, such as booking a whole new program or recording a program automatically with keywords.

In addition, combining TV and recorder manufacturers will greatly improve usability, including simplified operations and expanded functions.

In addition, the speaker is reviewed together with the recording function. In addition to models equipped with high-performance speakers, TVs that improve sound quality by making the sound reach more directly by devising the installation location. In addition, the latest TV improves the sense of reality by outputting sound from the screen like a movie theater.

By enhancing the sense of unity of image and sound, it is designed to be immersed in the world view. However, if you are particular about sound, it is recommended to install audio equipment. Especially recommended is the “Theater Bar”, which is easy to connect and install. With increasing popularity, new products are appearing one after another.

LED backlight

The LED backlight, which is a liquid crystal technology, can be divided into “direct type” and “edge type” depending on the way the LEDs are arranged. The “direct type” is an arrangement method in which the LEDs are closely laid down on the back of the panel.

LED TV Back Light

The advantage is that the LED can be finely controlled, so there is no unevenness and color development is excellent. When equipped with the partial drive described below, beautiful black is reproduced, and images with extremely high image quality are projected.

The “edge type” has LEDs only on the top and bottom or left and right of the screen, and uses a light guide plate to reproduce uniform white.

It can be produced at low cost and can reduce power consumption. In addition, it is easy to make it thin and easy to handle. Also, if you are concerned about black color development, we recommend a model with “partial drive”. “Partial drive” turns off the LED partly to achieve beautiful color contrast with a beautiful black color.

Others (HDR-compatible / double-speed drive / external output, etc.)

  • In addition, we will introduce some useful functions. If you have a model you are wondering or are unhappy with your current TV, check it out!
  • [4K up-conversion] This is a function that automatically converts (up-converts) 4K TV images that are not 4K quality, such as digital broadcasts, Blu-rays, and DVDs, to 4K equivalent images.
  • [HDR] HDR is a technology that expands the range of brightness information (luminance) that can be recorded on video, taking the initials of “High Dynamic Range”. It is attracting attention as the next high image quality technology of 4K.
  • [Ultra HD Premium] A certification program based on standardized and strict technical specifications with the aim of developing international video culture and improving the quality of next-generation content. It is considered to have the highest image quality among TVs currently on sale.
  • [Double-speed LCD] This function smoothly plays back fast-moving images that the LCD panel is not good at. Because it reduces the blurring of the image, it is recommended for those who enjoy watching sports and action games.
  • [IPS method] This is one of the LCD panel technologies. Even if the TV screen is viewed from the front, there is little change in brightness and color, making it suitable for enjoying TV with a large number of people.
  • [Android TV] This is a model with an Android OS installed on the TV. In addition to voice search and TV operation, you can operate the TV as if you were using a smartphone.
  • [High-Resolution] Abbreviation for high-resolution audio, a general term for music data with sound quality exceeding that of music CDs (CD-DA). Recommended for enjoying high-quality TV programs.

Comparison by 5 TV Manufacturers


Sony BRAVIA is a brand equipped with Android TV. You can enjoy videos, games, and apps like a smartphone, and search for a voice. Attracting attention to design, it has been devised to harmonize with the interior more, such as a characteristic stand and a design without a feeling of pressure.


Toshiba REGZA announced the first TV with a built-in 4K tuner in Japan. The type of TV that allows you to enjoy the new 4K satellite broadcast without a 4K tuner! Also, if you have a time shift machine function, you can record past programs (about 80 hours) without reservation, so you cannot miss or forget recording reservations.


The world’s first 8K compatible LCD TV released by Sharp AQUOS achieves high image quality with various technologies such as “High-Quality 8K Master Up-Conversion” and “Rich Color Technology Pro”. In addition, it is equipped with advanced functions such as AI equipped with Kokoro Vision. Sharp’s “Swivel Stand” allows you to move the TV screen freely from side to side. There are also types that can enjoy new 4K satellite broadcasting without a 4K tuner, and TVs with a built-in 8K tuner that other manufacturers do not have.


Panasonic VIERA is popular for its high image quality engine and IPS panel. In addition, the latest model is also focused on sound quality, you can enjoy the more powerful video. The lineup is wide, from 65V type of 4K organic EL to 10V to 19V type portable TV known by private VIERA.


Mitsubishi REAL (Real) is enriched with “Recording TV” with built-in recording functions such as HDD and Blu-ray. Since there is a recording TV from 32V type, it is recommended for those who want to live alone in the room. High color reproduction is possible with our original technology laser backlight. There is also a type that allows you to enjoy new 4K satellite broadcasting without a 4K tuner.

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