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Korg goes for the sequencing crown with the modular-friendly SQ-64


A universal four-track, 64-step sequencer covering MIDI and various CV formats. Korg’s SQ-1 was appreciated. This is a simple and affordable two-track eight-step sequencer.

It can be used with Korg’s analog and semi-modular exhibitions (such as MS-20 Mini), eurorack modular synthesizer, and any other device that can accept CV (Control Voltage Input).

Its price is even fairly cheap-usually hovering between $100 and $110, depending on the store. However, SQ-1 is 5 years old and it is time to upgrade.

Korg SQ-64 Poly Sequencer is basically trying to become the king of all CV sequencers. It has four 64-step audio tracks. Three have independent pitch, modulation, and gate outputs, and one track dedicated to drums, with eight independent CV outputs.


Not to mention, SQ-64 adds MIDI to the mix. Eight additional drum triggers can be added via MIDI sequencing, a total of 16, and eight chord sounds can be provided for your melody track.

SQ-64 has also expanded on the playback version of SQ-1 you get and injected some controllable chaos. You can set up a semi-random play, and provide four different options for the sequencer for the next step.

However, you can also randomize the entire sequence, just the first step, reverse the sequence, change your control voltage, and even have a reliable arpeggiator built-in.

You can even play the front pad like any other pad-based controller and record live performances.

The pad itself has an LED backlight to indicate the control level, in addition to an OLED, which can provide more detailed feedback. Moreover, you can save up to 64 items, so you can quickly recall the content for live performances.

Although we currently do not have the exact size. The SQ-64 looks very compact-Korg says it is less than an inch thick. And its shell is all aluminum, so it should be lighter, but it’s also worth a try. The SQ-64 is expected to be on sale in early 2021 for US$300.

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