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Knockout City is free until level 25

Knockout City

Since Knockout City was released earlier this month, everyone has been able to access it for free until 30 May.

Those who missed out on the limited-time promotion have one more chance to watch the multiplayer dodgeball game before you pay $20, which unlocks the full experience.

There is no charge this week for the game Knockout City until you reach level 25 on your Street Rank.

The time you have leftover after this period will allow you to decide whether you want to invest in the game. In the end, you will have the full version thanks to all your progress. 

Knockout City is free until level 25

It is also important to note that Xbox Games Pass Ultimate and EA Play let you acquire Knockout City.

It will not discourage you from trying Knockout City if your friends are using a different system from your own.

Cross-play allows you and your friends to join together on one platform without having to play on different platforms.

Knockout City
Knockout City
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