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Kiwi browser review: Chrome desktop extension on Android

Kiwi Browser

Kiwi is a Chromium-based mobile browser designed to provide fast and completely trouble-free functions when browsing the Internet and provide practical functions and settings that suit your needs.

In particular, it supports most desktop Chrome extensions, while the mobile version of Chrome does not yet provide this feature.



  • Fast
  • Supports Chrome extensions
  • Built-in blockers
  •  Bottom toolbar
  • Other useful tweaks and settings



  • It only runs in Android.
  • No desktop syncing


Kiwi allows you to move the address bar from the top to the bottom of the app, making it easier for you to navigate with one hand. To enable this feature, select “Settings” from the three-point menu, then go to “Accessibility”, and check “Bottom Toolbar”.

There is also a gesture on the toolbar, and you can go to the top of the webpage with one click without continuing to scroll up.

Kiwi Browser

Like other popular browsers, Kiwi includes an ad blocker and a pop-up blocker to remove most intrusive ads and unwanted content. After the ad blocker is enabled, you can add a whitelist to add website exceptions.

Other features of Kiwi include encryption hijacking protection, unblocking Facebook Web Messenger, night mode, managing websites on the homepage, blocking annoying notifications and intrusive trackers, importing and exporting bookmarks.

With all these features provided, Kiwi distinguishes it from other browsers, but unfortunately, apart from the Android version, it does not have a desktop version. In addition to resorting to import and export, bookmarks cannot be synchronized between multiple platforms.

Features of Kiwi

I am very satisfied with the lightning speed of its loading, and the homepage is naturally intuitive. I’m used to the night mode; therefore, the customizable night mode is an additional attraction.

The transition to the Kiwi browser is very easy, mainly because it supports most chrome desktop extensions. If you move away from any other browser, this will bring you a seamless experience.

Kiwi best features

What kiwi can do-With its extensive settings, you can hide sensitive content and disable screenshots in incognito mode, making your privacy features satisfying. I just like the (optional) bottom address bar, which is very convenient when you only use one hand.

One thing you should pay attention to here is that if you are running an accessibility service, the toolbar is always open by default. You can change it.

One of the reasons you might want the toolbar to always appear on the screen is if your screen is large and the address bar is always in a convenient state; this is a good idea. It eliminates the need for scrolling.

A smartphone with a very large screen will put a certain amount of pressure on your fingers. If UI x UX can solve this major problem, then this is a step in the right direction.

Added to the settings is “slide support”, which allows you to easily navigate. Just “swipe down” on the address bar to enter the label switcher. To close the tab, you can “swipe left or right” in the switcher.

I can reiterate that Kiwi is one of the simplest browsers I have ever used, and founder Amaud and his team have put a lot of effort into solving the limitations and intrusiveness of existing browsers.

Kiwi Fast Browser

Perhaps this is why tracking and ad blockers play a major role in Kiwi’s functionality. This new platform allows us to freely customize the browser according to our requirements. Overall, the purpose is to reassure users, make browsing safe, and use a fast browser with minimal interference.

Kiwi is an amazing browser, one of the reasons is that it supports Chrome extensions provided by the Chrome Web Store. The Chrome Web Store’s lack of mobile-friendly design is another theme.

Therefore, browsing the page from the phone may be troublesome. To be sure, Kiwi has no control over this, but it interrupts the originally seamless integration, which is a pity.

Another thing I noticed is that considering that I have installed two Chrome extensions, there is no lag on the website. This will not reduce the performance of my phone. I especially like the dark theme of the UI and the website. You can even choose to set the desktop site as the default site of your choice.

It’s good to know that you can browse easily and that your Kiwi browser can use powerful ads and pop-up blockers to handle ads. With Kiwi Browser, even the Invasive Tracker that tracks you and spies on your online browsing habits is blocked. Both of these elements help increase the page load speed of the browser.

Kiwi is another fact that brings security to a new level, it can prevent hackers from intruding and prevent them from using mobile phones’ processors to mine cryptocurrencies. In terms of protecting the security of mobile phones and their software or hardware, not many of us have considered this aspect.


The ruling on this point is easy. Since Kiwi is based on Chromium, it is easy to switch. Easily convert and customize the browser to your requirements. Unlike the obvious differences, I found between Safari and Chrome, it is easy to forget that I am using the Kiwi browser.

The only thing you need to get used to is the three dots on the right and the expanded menu. Translated into more than 60 languages, you can choose to download the file to your folder, and you can also easily import and export bookmark buttons, thus increasing the positive image of the browser.

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