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Jeff Bezos says Amazon needs to treat its employees better

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Jeff Bezos is leaving Amazon with 200 million Prime endorsers. Besides things the organization intends to do to address its discernment as an extreme working environment, that is one of the primary takeaways from his last letter to organization investors before Andy Jassy takes over as CEO of Amazon in the not-so-distant future.

The last time the organization shared a supporter achievement was in mid-2020 when it declared during its Q4 2019 income call that it had 150 million Prime individuals.

To place its new speed in context, it took Amazon 13 years to draw in its initial 100 million clients to the assistance. Somewhere in the range of 2018 and 2019, it added another 50 million supporters.

Barely a year later, it’s presently at 200 million. And keeping in mind that the Covid pandemic greatly profited Amazon’s retail business, it’s similarly as likely it would have in the long run hit a similar achievement.

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A huge part of the letter discovers Bezos thinking about the new bombed endeavor by laborers at the organization’s BHM1 satisfaction focus in Bessemer, Alabama, to unionize.

“Does your Chair relax because of the result of the new association vote in Bessemer? No, he doesn’t,” Bezos composes. “I think we need to make a superior showing for our representatives. While the democratic outcomes were unbalanced and our immediate relationship with workers is solid, it’s obvious to me that we need a superior vision for how we make an incentive for representatives — a dream for their prosperity.”

The letter implies the organization’s “time off task” strategy, one of the primary complaints laborers in Bessemer looked to address by unionizing. Amazon carefully tracks each second one of its cutting edge laborers spends away from their essential obligation.

The framework Amazon has set up will send them mechanized messages on the off chance that they’re out for a really long time. It’s a framework that some Amazon laborers say doesn’t permit them to go to the washroom when they need to.

Bezos shields the arrangement. “Representatives can take casual breaks all through their days of work to extend, get water, utilize the bathroom, or converse with an administrator, all without affecting their exhibition,” he writes in the letter. “We don’t set preposterous execution objectives. We set reachable execution objectives that consider residency and real representative execution information.”

With regards to laborers who can’t reliably meet the organization’s assumptions, he says Amazon gives instruction to them, with 82% of it being “positive.” Bezos claims the organization terminates under 2.6 percent of its representatives for not playing out their work enough.

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He says that number was even lower in 2020 because of the operational effect the pandemic had on the organization’s business.

He likewise addresses one more apparently consistent issue at the organization’s stockrooms: work environment wounds. The distinction here is that Bezos subtleties the means the organization is taking to address the issue.

He says around 40% of the business-related wounds that occur at Amazon are identified with musculoskeletal problems. Those are wounds like strains that happen when somebody rehashes a similar movement and once more.

They’re an issue, especially at the organization’s more computerized offices. Bezos says Amazon is growing new algorithmically produced staffing plans that will consequently turn representatives between occupations that utilization diverse muscle gatherings.

He says Amazon will carry out that innovation consistently. In 2021, the organization will likewise put $300 million in working environment security projects.

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