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Japan breaks the internet speed 319 Tbps per second

Internet Speed

Internet Speed – It appears that the many-gigabit internet speed records of a decade ago are completely outdated. According to Motherboard, scientists at Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) broke the internet speed record by shuffling data at 319 Tbps. Those are almost twice as fast as the 179 Tbps that researchers from the United Kingdom and Japan were able to achieve in August 2020.

It took NICT over five months to upgrade virtually every step in the pipeline in order to accomplish this feat. Using rare earth amplifiers, researchers fired a 552-channel comb laser at multiple wavelengths using the fiber optic line with four instead of one core. A simulated 1,864-mile distance was covered using only coiled fiber in the lab without sacrificing signal quality or speed.

This performance may not have a significant impact for some time, as is the case with many experiments. A four-core fiber network would also be very expensive, in addition to working with existing networks. The Internet backbone and other major networking projects are more likely to use it at first since capacity trumps cost.

You may still be impacted by that, however. NICT researchers envision next-generation fiber-enabling technologies “beyond 5GQualcomm brings 10-Gigabit 5G to laptop and home broadband” (like 6G). If you need faster internet, a connection that doesn’t choke under heavy traffic may be able to benefit you.

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