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Jaguar i-Pace is Google’s first electric street view car


Google finally has its first all-electric vehicle to capture Street View. Tech giants Jaguar Land Rover announced today that they have collaborated to design an all-electric i-Pace SUV with the necessary equipment to capture Street View imagery, and deploy the car in Dublin, Ireland.

The i-Pace will also collect more general Google Maps data, and it will run out of air quality sensors from Eclima – something Google has done with its Street View cars for the better part of the last decade.

I-Pace will collect “street-by-street air quality” data in Dublin, measuring nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions, as well as finer particles. Google will make the data available to Dublin city council.

ImageSource: Pistonheads

“We are always looking for opportunities to improve our fleet of vehicles and are likely to increase the size of our EV fleet in the future, but there are no updates to share at the moment,” said a Google spokesperson. Does the company plan to use more electric cars for Street View?

Jaguar Land Rover and Google are no strangers. Sibling company Waymo – which started as an autonomous vehicle project inside Google but ended in 2016 – uses Jaguar i-Pace in its own driving car tests.

Launched in 2018, the $ 70,000 i-Pace hovers around 246 miles on a full charge (the limit was increased in late 2019 after a software update).

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