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Jackbox offers a social skills rebuilding tool with its ‘practice friends’


Jackbox – After more than a year of COVID-19 lockdowns, your social skills may have deteriorated. Jackbox Games believes that it can help you learn how to be human once the pandemic is finally (hopefully? Maybe? Please?) fading away.

Jackbox is offering free “practice friends” that will remind you what it’s like to interact with other people starting next week.

It takes some time to sign up, but if you win, you’ll get 30 minutes of no-judgment Jackbox Party Pack gameplay with a crew that will help you practice your communication skills.

Jackbox‘s software is clearly a part of this pitch. With the Jackbox Party Pack 7, you will also be able to share your newly rediscovered social graces with others by practicing with your practice friends.


Jackbox has been contacted for more information about how this initiative works, including who you’ll meet and how long it will last.

What is the purpose of this marketing strategy? Without a doubt. Additionally, it’s a symbolic moment; it signals the end of a long period in which the majority of people were able to socialize via video chat. All things considered, this will be one of the last promotional campaigns you will see.

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