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Jack Dorsey has announced he is leaving Twitter

Using Twitter, Jack Dorsey announced that he is stepping down. He has stepped down. Parag Agrawal will replace Jack Dorsey as Twitter CEO, according to a tweet from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

The tweet Dorsey sent to company employees included a screenshot of an internal email he sent. According to him, Agrawal was unanimously selected by the board of directors to replace him. In Dorsey’s opinion, Agrawal was also a personal choice.

What is the reason for his departure? According to Dorsey, it’s “severely limiting” for Twitter to be a “founder-led” company. According to him, he made the decision to leave Twitter in the best interests of the company.

Dorsey will remain on the board until “May-ish,” to help with the transition, and will then leave the company without any involvement.

He ended his resignation email by stating that his one wish is for Twitter, Inc. to be the most transparent company in the world.

The new CEO of Twitter will be announced soon.

It has been rumored that Jack Dorsey plans to step down.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey plans to step down as the social network’s CEO, according to a report by CNBC.

Twitter shareholders have long criticized Dorsey for his dual role as CEO of Twitter as well as Square, which processes payments.

Many wonder how Dorsey is able to make time commitments between his two organizations, which are both huge within their respective industries.

Twitter is also criticized by Dorsey for the content users can post on its platform outside of the business community. According to a report published by SPLC over the summer, far-right figures continue to use Twitter despite Dorsey’s perceived connections.

Jack Dorsey
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According to the SPLC series, the platform also played a key role in the violent storming of the Capitol by supporters of former-President Trump on Jan. 6.

Even with Dorsey out of the picture, this problem might not improve. Elliott Management is one of the companies leading the charge to replace Dorsey as Twitter’s CEO.

Paul Singer, a Republican mega-donor, founded the company in 2004. Dorsey’s departure isn’t clearly related to the deal they struck just a few months ago.

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