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iPhone12 will be Released in September with A14 Processor

Apple A14 Processor iPhone 12

Apple is now becoming more powerful step by step, and the outside world is also looking forward to its next flagship. For example, this time the iPhone 12 will be released in September.

The main parameters have been confirmed again, Battery life becomes the biggest highlight, the price is more touching!

Apple’s position as the world’s third-largest smartphone brand in 2019 is still an opponent that Samsung and Huawei cannot easily ignore, and it is also a good example for Xiaomi and OPPO.

Speaking of Apple phones, I believe most people will not feel unfamiliar. Each generation of digital flagships has a very important meaning, so all aspects must be polished in place, to arouse the purchasing desire of most young consumers.

Apple A14 Processor iPhone 12

According to several bloggers, many rumored parameters of the iPhone 12 have been confirmed. This mysterious flagship is gradually emerging and will officially debut in September.

According to the supply chain news, iPhone12 will add a custom-made 12 million people depth-of-field lens customized by Sony. Under the powerful Soc drive, the filming speed will be at the top level in the industry.

I believe that the resolution of imaging will be appropriate. Also, it will have a variety of built-in stage lighting effects to enhance the fun of taking pictures.

The ability to customize the degree of background blur adjustment is also one of the important elements that we should not ignore.

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        The iPhone 12 continues the overall style of the iPhone 11. It is equipped with a 6.1-inch LCD material screen, and the black edges on the left and right sides are visible.

Compared to the front, using the integrated AG frosted glass on the back can not only reduce the contamination of fingerprints. It is also integrated as a whole, and the close fit with the aluminum middle frame reaches IP68 waterproof level, which meets daily use without pressure.

The Logo’s central position also indicates the position for wireless charging.

The iPhone 12 upgrade 18-watt fast charge and increase battery capacity can also strictly meet the standard of long battery life. The blessing of wireless and reverse charging functions also makes it even more powerful.

iPhone 12 A14 Chip baseread

Besides, it will use Qualcomm’s 5G baseband to support SA and NSA networks. This good news is also welcomed.

The A14 Bionic processor based on the 7-nanometer process technology and the IOS14 system form a stronger synergy capability. Such a combination It should be no surprise to crush the Snapdragon 865 and Kirin 990 in terms of performance.

It is more than enough to deal with most daily applications, and there will not be too many picky places to experience the frame rate stability of mainstream games such as King of Glory and Peace Elite.

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