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iPhone 12 Mini Review: Apple’s smallest is the dream of one-handed phone users

iPhone 12 Mini

iPhone 12 Mini is Apple’s dream of one-handed Smallest phone users

In 2020, mobile phones will become huge. Even small is big. The iPhone 12 Mini is big because it’s not big, so it’s good. It’s really small. When Apple released the Mini along with the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max, it was an amazing moment for small phone enthusiasts like me.

For a long time, we have been hoping that Apple can make a real small iPhone like the iPhone 5, 5S, or the original SE. Earlier this year, Apple released a new iPhone SE, pinning our hopes, integrating the brain of the iPhone 11 Pro into the compact body of the iPhone 8. Three-year-old design.

Obviously, when you shrink the size, there will be trade-offs. I want to know what features Apple sacrificed in 2020 to make small phones. But the iPhone 12 Mini has all the features of the iPhone 12-just smaller. It has the same graphic design, supports 5G and OLED screens, and HDR.

iPhone 12 Mini

The screen is covered with Apple’s ceramic shielding layer. The dust-proof and waterproof rating of the body reaches IP68, and it supports MagSafe wireless charging and accessories.

It has the same A14 Bionic processor, runs the same iOS 14 software, and even has the same camera. iPhone 12 and 12 Mini are the same mobile phone. But one is small and one is not.

The iPhone 12 Mini has a 5.4-inch display and costs US$729 (£699, AU$1,199), while the iPhone 12 has a 6.1-inch display and costs US$829 (£799, AU$1,349).

If any phone is activated on the carrier at the time of purchase, the price will be reduced by $30. Besides, operators also make many transactions and discounts on these phones, especially if you use old phones for transactions.

Overall, the compact body, the sliding navigation in iOS 14, and the high screen-to-body ratio make this compact phone almost perfect for me. But this may not be for you.

iPhone 12 Mini Camera

This small screen is great for one-handed use, but you may find it unsuitable for reading or viewing documents. Many people will find that the keys on the on-screen keyboard are too small. This is why there are iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Nevertheless, Apple still nailed the iPhone 12 Mini. This is the dream of one-handed phone users. It’s great to see that Apple’s phones are so small.

iPhone 12 Mini – is actually small?

The aluminum side of the iPhone 12 Mini is flat and the glass surface is smooth. It looks like the premium version of the iPhone 5, which is definitely a good thing. In fact, it is not much larger than the iPhone 5, and it is also smaller than the 2020 iPhone SE.

The screen-to-body ratio of the 12 Mini is much higher than that of the SE, which is ideal for watching videos or simply displaying more information on the screen, such as the additional conversation threads in the Messages app.

The glass back covers easily stains fingerprints and dust. If you want to put it in a box, it’s no big deal. However, without one, you are basically carrying your own personal crime scene investigation: Miami Crime Scene. Like other members of the iPhone 12 family, you will love or hate those generous sides.

I think they are great, especially on phones of this size. The side allows me to hold the phone firmly without even trying. The flat edges also mean you can stand the 12 Mini on its side to take photos or watch videos.

ihome 12 Mini Comparisons Images

Compared with the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, the display looks small, especially next to the 6.7-inch screen of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. For some people, the small screen is the reason for sticking to the 12 Mini. But for people like me, the small display is the main reason to get the 12 Mini. Move your thumb on the windshield wiper to reach every part of the screen.

Well, on a slightly larger phone like last year’s iPhone 11 Pro (it has a 5.8-inch screen, but not that big), I can’t reach every part of the screen. Moreover, if I try to reach the top, I will either tighten my thumb or loosen the grip, inevitably falling off the phone.

There is a clever software band-aid in iOS that can assist one-handed use, called “reachability”. You swipe down on the bottom edge of the screen, and the content at the top of the display will move to the middle so you can reach it.

This mode works well, but when you interact with the top of the screen multiple times in succession, it can be tedious. The small size of the iPhone 12 Mini makes it naturally accessible. However, you can use iOS reachability on the iPhone 12 Mini, which is meta.

I found that one-handed typing on the 12 Mini is faster and more accurate than one-handed typing on the big screen. During the week of using the iPhone 12 Mini, I hardly made any mistakes.

My friends often receive spelling errors and corrections in our message threads, usually, they think I finally learned how to type.

iPhone 12 Mini Camera

Fortunately for us, the ability of the 12 Mini does not come at the expense of camera hardware. In fact, the 12 Mini has the same wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, and selfie camera as the iPhone 12.

They can capture great photos and videos and always provide great images. Mini can even record video at 4K 60 frames per second and 4K 30 fps per second in Dolby Vision.

iPhone 12 Mini Camera

Packing all the camera power supplies into such a small device produced a strange result: I used more devices. Compared to taking photos or videos with a larger phone, the 12 Mini is even more unremarkable.

It’s easy to take photos and record videos with one hand. The phone is located between my little finger and index finger, allowing my thumb to manipulate the iOS camera app.

I thank the quick settings drawer next to the shutter button. It allows me to easily manually adjust the exposure, aspect ratio, and even time length of night mode shooting.

iPhone 12 Mini is the smallest 5G phone

Apple managed to integrate the same 5G antenna from 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max into 12 Mini. Currently, the iPhone 12 Mini is the smallest 5G phone you can buy.

The consistency of 5G speed is inconsistent. Using the app SpeedTest, the iPhone 12 Mini on T-Mobile recorded download speeds of 2.53 to 14.9 megabits per second, while on Verizon, the download speeds were 48.7 to 104Mbps. For reference, the average download speed of a broadband connection in the US home is 135Mbps.

Small phone means short battery life

If you own a small cell phone, it will lead to battery life. Apple did not share the size of the battery in the phone. But obviously, the battery of the 12 Mini is smaller than that of the 12 or 12 Pro. You wouldn’t expect a two-seater convertible car to hold as much gasoline as an SUV battery life.

In one week of use, the battery life of the iPhone 12 Mini is very long. 12 Mini after a day of normal use, there is no problem at all. When the phone was in airplane mode, I performed a battery test and played a looping video. Apple’s website stated that the 12 Mini should last 15 hours. In my test, it lasted 14 hours and 48 minutes.

The iPhone 12 Mini has the same A14 processor as the iPhone 12 family. In use, mobile phones are fast and fast. The animation looks very smooth. The camera turns on quickly. Editing photos is easy. The gameplay is smooth, although sometimes the 12 Mini does get hot after a few minutes.

Mini MagSafe Although it is the smallest iPhone you can buy

I have tried Apple’s MagSafe leather case for $129 and it looks really cool. There was a small window for quick browsing. It even has a wrist strap and a protective bag that can store several credit cards or ID cards. The holster makes the phone bulky, I don't like it. Although I can safely assume that people will equip their phones with leather cases and put some credit cards to go out... as long as we can do this again.

The 12 Mini is made for Apple’s MagSafe wireless charging system. Magnets in mobile phones and chargers nest them in ideal locations for the most effective charging. Such a small phone equipped with MagSafe is great. I can see buying MagSafe chargers and AirPods and Mini to get minimalist phone settings.

I have tried Apple’s MagSafe leather case for $129 and it looks really cool. There was a small window for quick browsing. It even has a wrist strap and a protective bag that can store several credit cards or ID cards.

The holster makes the phone bulky, I don’t like it. Although I can safely assume that people will equip their phones with leather cases and put some credit cards to go out… as long as we can do this again.

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