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iPhone 12: is this king phone with A14 Bionic and iOS 14?

iPhone 12 is the king phone

As we all know, Apple mobile phones have always occupied a large share in the Chinese and Asian markets. As a high-end product in the mobile phone industry, Apple mobile phones have been liked by many Chinese and Asian people even worldwide Apple products lover, but because of the price, many netizens still invest in the arms of domestic mobile phones. 

However, this year, many domestic mobile phones have released their mobile phone products, but Apple has not released any of its products, and even the iPhone9, which has been widely aborted before, is also continuously bounced.

Under such circumstances, to be able to retain users in the Chinese and Asian markets, Cook began to cut prices continuously, and many of Apple’s flagships have carried out diving to varying degrees. 

iPhone 12 is the king phone

Among them, the price reduction of Apple’s mobile phones means that Apple’s new products are not far away. According to the news given by foreign media, Apple’s mobile phone is likely to release its new flagship, that is, iPhone12.

This phone can be said to be the king of Apple’s products. Of course, it will also be another sword of Apple’s mobile phone. What kind of product is the iPhone 12 this time? The following editor will share with you based on the news learned.

First of all, this phone uses a larger screen in appearance. There is a big bright spot in the design of this phone compared to the iPhone11. This phone completely canceled the design of Liu Haiping. 

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In the past, Apple phones have always used the design of Liu Haiping, but this time Apple applied a very bold idea and canceled Liu Haiping, but this phone did not cancel FACE ID. 

Apple’s front camera is also placed at the top of the phone so that the design of the entire appearance is very dazzling.

iPhone 12 New Design camera

Of course, with the continuous release of high-pixel mobile phones, Apple mobile phones have also started their transformation. We can see on the back of the entire fuselage that this time.

The Apple mobile phones follow the design of the Yuba lens, and the rear is likely to be A 4-cameras. You should know that although the iPhone 11 has a 12 MP lens design, such pixels are already very good.

Now the pixels of this phone is bound to be better than the previous generation of Apple ’s flagship. It is in the DXO ranking. I believe this phone can be at the top.

Also, in the core configuration, Apple iPhone12 will use the A14 Bionic processor. Compared with Apple’s previous-generation A13 bionic processor, the processor of this mobile phone is more smooth, which will also make the Snapdragon on the market.

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The 865 and Kirin 990 are eclipsed. Of course, if this processor is paired with the iOS14 system, the entire phone will be smoother, and there will be no problems in the process of running large games.

iPhone12 front Camera

Apple phone does not announce its battery in terms of battery life, the A14 processor consumes relatively little power, so there is no need to worry about the battery life of the entire phone.

The pricing of the mobile phone may be expensive than other phones or maybe not, but many netizens have said that this is the machine emperor, and this is the apple you want.

What is the Release Date of the iPhone 12? 

There isn’t any official iPhone 12 lunch date data up ’til now, however, we’re practically sure that we know when it will hit on the market. Apple dispatches its new phones metronomically and keeping in mind that consistently there’s the rumor of it changing, it’s constantly held to a comparable time. 

We know that the new iPhone release date will in almost be September 2020 – and it’s consistently around the subsequent week. So we’re going to figure that we’ll see Apple going the iPhone 12 on 8 September or potentially 15 September if it needs to hit a later at a market date.

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