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iPhone 12 has entered mass Production

iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 is entered in mass production

We have been hearing rumors that the iPhone 12’s screen is 120Hz. Recent reports have rekindled hope that at least the Pro series has a 120Hz display.

Tipster Jon Prosser has now resolved these leaks, which means that the upcoming iPhone may maintain a 60Hz screen. Last month, there were reports that Apple was trying to find driver ICs that are essential for high refresh rate displays.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max prototype unit with a 120Hz screen was also discovered. According to reports, the company tried to use the display with a 60-96Hz driver IC, but it seems that the idea has been abandoned.

iPhone 12

Prosser said that the iPhone 12 has entered mass production, and he believes that there is no sign of a 120Hz model.

Apple will hold an event on September 15th, but that is not the expected time for the iPhone 12. Instead, Apple may announce a new model on October 13 and may start shipping on October 23.

The release time will be staggered, and iPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro may go on sale before the standard model and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

According to a survey conducted by online retailers, 5G connectivity and compact design are rumored to be the most anticipated features of current iPhone owners.

According to the survey, less than one-third of existing owners base their purchases on 120Hz screens. Of course, a survey cannot accurately represent the emotions of all potential buyers, and the 60Hz screen is likely to be the destructive power of certain transactions.

Having said that, according to reports, Apple, its supply chain partners, and most analysts predict high demand for the new model.

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