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iPhone 12 Exposed in hands-on Video

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 Exposed in hands-on Video

The iPhone 12 launch is coming fast, although due to manufacturing delays, it’s not clear when the show event will happen, or if all of four models will launch concurrently, or get a staggered release.

Apple has kept the apparatus under wraps but that hasn’t stopped a few pre-production units from slipping out, seemingly. 

We saw one handset just a week, and another one has made its way into the wild. This alleged iPhone 12 hands-on video surfaced this week also claims to be showing off the latest Apple smartphone.

The edges of the device are horizontal, which is an element of this new design we are expecting to roll out with the iPhone 12, as it leaves behind the curves of this iPhone 11 series.

iPhone 12
Image Credited By: T3

As GSMArena points out, the back camera setup bears a remarkable similarity to the iPhone 11, but we don’t have a definitive idea of the iPhone 12’s camera layout yet, so we can’t say for sure if this is a current-gen iPhone masquerading as the next flagship.

The notch can be fairly large still, but given what we’ve heard previously, it’s looking likely that it hasn’t been shrunk this time; the smaller bezel paired with the 6.7-inch screen that we have seen in the former video only makes it look like that at first glance.

It’s possible the iPhone 12 in the movie is a pre-production device instead of simply an iPhone 11, given the lack of an FCC label, but we can not say for sure if it’s the real thing.

We are hoping to find the iPhone 12 make its debut in a delayed show event every month, followed by the launch of all four models that may be reversed to accommodate the ramifications that the pandemic has had on creation.  No doubt we’ll see more escapes as we head farther into September. 

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