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IOS Developers sue Apple over App Store for Monopoly power

Apple Company

In the Android ecosystem, there are a large number of software stores for smartphone manufacturers in the world, but in the iOS ecosystem, there is only for the Apple Software Store.

In the past, the Apple software store has encountered a series of monopoly accusations, such as the “Apple tax” of extracting 30% of its income, accused of harming its opponents because Apple’s official software does not need to pay royalties.IOS developers have accused Apple of removing software in an unfair and opaque manner, and it has also developed.Bluemail

At present, the United States and the United States have launched antitrust investigations against the four major technology companies (Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook). The US House of Representatives has previously collected communications materials and evidence about the monopoly behavior of Apple software stores.

Whether the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission are conducting specific investigations into Apple and Google’s software store monopoly is unknown. US media previously pointed out that these two stores have caused a lot of dissatisfaction among the developer group and may become the subject of antitrust investigations.

According to the latest news from foreign media, application software developers such as Followapp and BlueMail (Blix) filed a new revised allegation and complaint against Apple on Friday. The company claims that there is new evidence that the tech giant deliberately cares about its own application software, not similar products offered by third parties in the app store.

Previously, Bliss alleges that Apple’s “login with Apple account” feature violated the company’s patent rights, and the company also accused Apple of implementing a market monopoly in the software store, artificially suppressing other competition with Apple’s official software Companies and products.


Bliss responded that TypeApp had been removed from the app store a few weeks before Apple’s withdrawal of BlueMail because Apple insists that the app doesn’t comply with developer policies.

After BlueMail was withdrawn, Bliss executives wrote an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook asking Apple to implement fair competition in the software store to restore the software that was removed. The letter appeared in court documents filed on Friday. Bliss also said that Apple did not properly delete another TrueType software.

Bliss stated in a Friday filing that Apple does accept “duplicate” apps from the same developer-in form or function-and that the Apple Computer App Store currently offers “highly similar” Telegram and “Telegram Desktop “software.

Bliss also questioned Apple’s recent decision to keep its apps from receiving user reviews. The plaintiff claims that this policy has given Apple some privilege to protect Apple’s official software from the negative feedback and user criticism often faced by other applications.

For Apple’s monopoly in software stores, Bliss accuses Apple of deliberately designing the iOS software store, making it difficult for consumers to easily find products that compete with Apple’s official software.

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For example, in the Apple Software Store, paid ads and “app store stories” occupy a large portion of search results pages. This is in stark contrast to the search features used by the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store, which immediately present a variety of options.Apple Company

Bliss claimed an article in the New York Times that Apple artificially barred BlueMail from appearing in search results in the app store. After the report was published, Apple claims to have adjusted its search algorithm, and BlueMail jumped from 143th to 13th when searching for keywords such as “email”

The lawsuit against the world’s largest technology company is not an easy decision, “a Bliss executive told a US media company on Friday that” Bliss and his BlueMail product are the latest of Apple’s many victims. Apple’s monopoly on application software distribution prevents competition and hurts consumers, and it hurts other developers who should have competed fairly. ”

Including US presidential candidate Warren and others also pointed out that technology companies should separate their trading platforms (such as Apple’s Google software store and Amazon’s online store) and their software or goods and services to ensure fairness. Previously, Amazon was also accused of using third-party seller data to serve its product development.

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