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iOS 15 allows Apple Wallet to store driver’s licenses

Apple Wallet

Driver’s licenses will be able to be stored in Apple Wallet as well as credit cards and discount codes starting with iOS 15. Besides, functioning just like a physical license, this digital version of your ID can even be used at TSA checkpoints.

It will be available in participating states only when it launches later this year. States interested in the program have not been identified by Apple.

The Transportation Security Administration will enable customers to use their digital identity cards in Wallet at airport security checkpoints as soon as possible, Apple announced.

Since at least a year ago, Apple has been developing the technology to support IDs and passports. According to the company, driver’s licenses will be accepted at retailers and venues in the future. 

TSA and Apple are also working on a feature for Apple Wallet that will pull up the exact info you need to make it through airport security, and it will be available on your iPhone in a single scan. 

Apple Wallet
ImageSource: Cnet

It is encrypted and read with a digital scanner when you store your driver’s license in Apple Wallet. The new version of iOS 15 will also add support for work badges and hotel keys at participating establishments. Smart locks compatible with your iPhone will also be able to be unlocked.

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